Adolescent boys’ underwear is actually “bought wrong”? Full guide, collect it quickly!

First give the conclusion: choose four corners, suitable size, Mordai material, light color print less panties. Remember to change and wash often!

1. Panties are classified by shape

Four-corner panties



Corners and briefs

Corners and briefs

The fabric of briefs is mainly concentrated in the crotch, which plays a good role in protecting the intimate parts, and it is very refreshing and comfortable to wear. However, because the inner thighs are not covered by cloth, it is easy to rub, so it is not suitable for people with a large amount of exercise, and the briefs are relatively tight, which is easy to cause bacteria on the underwear, which is not very conducive to health.

Four-corner panties are generally relatively loose, wrapped, can fit tightly to the hips and thighs, and are more comfortable to wear, which can well reduce the friction between the thighs, so as not to let the crotch temperature be too high. Studies have shown that male sperm quality and crotch temperature are directly related, and the higher the crotch temperature, the lower the sperm quality.

2. Select

Suitable size

Size chart

Underwear shopping size chart

Everyone’s body is different, so the size of underwear is also different, when choosing underwear, you must choose the underwear that suits you, not too loose or too tight. Many men’s penises are deformed and bent to varying degrees, which has a lot to do with underwear. For junior high school students who are in the developing stage, it is a critical period. So when we choose underwear, we must suit ourselves, so that we can ensure our health.

3. Choose the right one


Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various materials

From the table above, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics.

First of all, the most recommended modal fabric underwear, in addition to the shortcomings of easy pile is almost perfect, it has the same moisture absorption and breathability as pure cotton fabrics, but its elasticity and moisture drainage are better than pure cotton. Of course, choosing cotton panties in winter will keep warmer than other fabrics.

Cotton fabric has poor moisture drainage, is not easy to dry, and easy to deform after washing. In the summer sweating season, the skin is in contact with wet clothing for a long time, redness, itching, natural eczema or prickly heat, etc., people who sweat easily are not easy to choose cotton underwear.

You may wonder why bamboo fiber seems to have many advantages, and it also has antibacterial, deodorizing and other functions, which should be better. Friends do not ignore the short life of bamboo fiber, although underwear needs to be replaced regularly, but there is no need to change frequently to half a month, and now many businesses in the design will be antibacterial and antibacterial function combined with the product. For example, LPCSS underwear store styles, many large bodies are made of high-quality modal fabrics, but bacteriostatic cationic fibers are added to the crotch, while integrating the advantages of modal and bamboo fibers to suppress the shortcomings.

Polyester fiber underwear is really not recommended for everyone to buy, polyester fiber is made of organic diacid and diol polycondensation of polyester by spinning, is a chemical accounted for a large proportion of synthetic fiber, from a health point of view is not recommended to wear often. (

Material chapter

Excerpt from Zhihu number: LPCSS underwear)



Dark color, printed pants

Dark panties

Many men prefer dark colors, especially black, when choosing underwear, but know that the color is usually dyed by chemical dyes. Therefore, when buying, you must go to the formal channel to buy, and it is best to choose light and solid colors, try to avoid less printing, so that the amount of dye will be less, which can reduce the harm to the body. And new panties must be washed before wearing!

5. Change and wash frequently

If you break the deformation, you will quickly replace it

Underwear should be changed every day, and try to wash separately from other clothes when washing, which is related to your personal hygiene and should be paid special attention to. Once the underwear is deformed, hardened, and cannot be washed, replace it immediately! Generally, it is reasonable to replace it in about three months.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various materials

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