Revisiting Leslie Cheung’s home is like seeing him in person, simple and warm, but like an art museum

Once a year, my brother Leslie Cheung’s birthday is here again. My brother graduated from the University of Leeds in Textile Management, and before he became a singer, he worked in the textile design industry and had his own unique aesthetic for design, so he also had many ideas in his own home.

Today we will revisit the home designed by my brother himself, although it is very simple, but full of artistic atmosphere.

This is 1995, brother located in Hong Kong Turtle Bay house, backed by mountains facing the sea. The balcony overlooks Victoria Harbour.



The entrance is very simple, there is no storage area such as a shoe cabinet that everyone is common with, only a long Chinese-style table with a jade bottle placed on it.

The painting directly opposite is Mr. Ding Yanyong’s “Farewell Concubine the Overlord”. This movie in which Leslie Cheung participated has become a classic in film history. Hanging this painting shows his love for this movie.

Leslie Cheung played Cheng Dieyi in “Farewell My Concubine”

It can be seen that the lighting on the wall is hidden waiting design, and the warm light is very mild, and now it is also very liked by everyone when decorating. The top of the entrance has been shaped like a fence, and the simplicity has changed.


Living room

The living room at home is a combination of Chinese and Western. The sofa is a Western-style design, but the coffee table and cabinet, including the seats, give a Chinese feel, and the sides are handwritten couplets by my brother.

The overall design of the home is very simple, without superfluous decoration and suspended ceiling. It can be felt that in life, my brother is also a light and breezy person.

The entire living room is based on plain white, which makes the space particularly open. The sunken design, which invisibly partitions the open space, is especially suitable for the design of luxury houses. Although decades have passed, it is still very popular.

For example, in the recent hit drama “You Are My Glory”, the female star Qiao Jingjing played by Reba faces the mansion of the Huangpu River, which is a sunken living room design. Click the link to revisit: “You Are My Glory” is sweeter than Yang Yang and Reba, and it is a high-quality home decoration in the play!

In the lower living room, the light gray hand-held fabric sofa gives people a relaxing and casual feeling. The black coffee table next to it is convenient for my brother to keep a book when he reads. Leslie Cheung loves to read. It is said that when he came to Shanghai one time, he stayed in a bookstore for most of the day.

The living room is equipped with central air conditioning, the space is open, and there are very few items, and Leslie Cheung should also be a person who advocates minimalism. The wood-colored wooden floor extends to the balcony, and in the center of the living room is a relatively large fabric pier, which can be used as a coffee table or as a seat, which is very comfortable to look at!

On one side of the black TV cabinet is displayed simple furnishings, the TV wall has only two simple couplets, no TV, and no complicated design.



White curtains are perfectly integrated into the home, huge floor-to-ceiling windows make the living room have good lighting, simple white frames are also integrated with the overall home design, the balcony is placed with wood-colored dining tables and chairs and green plants, very life-like, brother should like to sit here in the sun, drink tea. There is rain protection above the table and chairs, and the floor has sloped drainage.

On the night of the rain, have a drink with three or five friends, just like the brother in “No Defense Tonight”, well-behaved and fun, and full of brilliance.

Outside the balcony, the green plants in the large black flower pot and the log style seats of Chinese design make this corner have the charm of a Chinese garden.

The balcony at home is designed with a slope, and the balcony will not accumulate rain when it rains, and the entire metal doors and windows in China began to be popular in Hong Kong 25 years ago, and my brother’s home has long used metal doors and windows, which is very fashionable and advanced.



The dining room is located on the steps, a huge load-bearing column, which gives the home a palace feel. It can be seen that the restaurant has a wood-colored wooden floor, which is more comfortable. The black round dining table has an excellent texture and echoes the legs of the dining chair. And the round circle is more convenient for the family to communicate when eating. The brown dining chair has a slim leg design for a lighter appearance.

The restaurant tassel chandelier is eye-catching, both as a lighting and as a decorative function. The huge window next to the dining table can bring sunlight into the home, and occasionally when the wind blows, the chandelier tassels will surely dance with the wind, and maybe it can collide with pleasant sounds. The black storage cabinet next to it is very beautiful, the curved table legs, is a baroque style, transparent glass door, you can admire the contents of the cabinet.

Behind the dining table is the kitchen. The kitchen has a closed design, which is very suitable for Chinese food stir-frying, and there is no need to worry about oil smoke running around. Although only a corner can be seen, you can see that the washing area is facing the window, and when washing dishes, you can also look out the scenery outside the window.


Staircase space

In the staircase space, 3 built-in downlights are designed to meet the basic lighting. without destroying the simplicity of the space. The space under the stairs is designed as a leisure activity area. A white fabric chaise longue with a black sculpture next to it. A wood-colored storage cabinet can be seen faintly behind the sculpture. My brother must have spent a lot of leisure time here.

The hallway is a black metal balustrade, the design is also dominated by simple styles, and the staircase is one of the most eye-catching parts of the whole home. Square zigzagging, ferrous metal colliding with raw wood. The overlook presents a rotating feeling, making you feel like you are in an art museum.

The golden chandelier is also remarkable. The combination of multi-color lampshades and warm lights makes the home starry and full of artistic retro atmosphere.


Event space

This space should be another activity space. The same fabric sofa, the double metal coffee table on the left, is very fashionable, displaying books that my brother loves. The huge windows by the window provide excellent light in the home, and the next side is like a washing station. Opposite the sofa is a display case, and the left and right sides are semi-open, displaying the brother’s collection, and the frosted glass is full of mystery without appearing cluttered with space



Simple small checkered sheets and pillows, this elegant design, and the minimalist style of bedroom decoration make people relax and fall asleep quickly.

Design master Chen Youjian once mentioned: Leslie Cheung’s home is very “boney”. LESLIE CHEUNG’S ART SENCE IS THE BEST IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, AND THE COLLECTION AT HOME HAS A VERY ARTISTIC DEPTH. Brother’s simple and artistic home, do you like it?

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