Men’s autumn coats are coming, there is always one thing that is your dish?

Time is never a gap, space, never a distance, as long as you love it, it will embark on the journey to find you without hesitation.

In addition to women’s denim jackets, men can also wear a variety of styles, not only alone, but also as a couple outfit, let me introduce it to you

The base knitted fabric is paneled with rugged denim for a touch of brushed colour for a more casual feel.

The collar is designed with a small stand collar that is biased towards a baseball jacket, which highlights the neck row and makes people look energetic, and the combination of patchwork materials can maintain the silhouette of the bodice well, and it is very stylish to wear.

The fabric is made of knitted and denim panels to increase the comfort of the bodice and enrich the details of the piece, and the black and gray wash gives a very cool feeling of rock

There is always a dish for you, if you haven’t already, please don’t give up, pay attention to the follow-up update of the editor, there will always be unexpected to get it to appear

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