The hazard of electric vehicle wind deflector wind shield

In recent years, the wind shield of electric bicycles has become more and more perfect, more and more hot, and it is also the favorite of winter electric bicycle riders. The wind shield has evolved from the initial leg guards to hand guards and waist guards, and some will have an elastic band hanging directly around the neck to prevent being blown off by the wind during riding. In the past two years, plastic wind shields, awnings and other windproof and warm things directly installed on electric vehicles have been introduced. However, these modified parts provide convenient warmth for everyone, but it is ignored the safety hazards it brings, let’s talk about what safety hazards exist, there are insufficient places and hope to share the message without hesitation.

Wind shield quilt

The wind shield is currently the most widely used protective tool, and it is also generally considered to be the most convenient. The size of the wind shield is not the same, the size of the safety hazard is not the same, the larger wind shield is heavier, installed on the car will be a little top-heavy, affecting the balance and steering of the electric vehicle, in the windy weather has a greater impact on the balance of the electric vehicle, the thick wind shield is also affected by the flexibility of the steering;

The wind shield is the biggest safety hidden in two points: 1. The thick grip position affects the braking or power failure; 2. When encountering a dangerous electric vehicle suddenly dumped, the wind block is hindered by the person’s instinctive emergency action, the hands can not be pulled out for protection at the first time, and the legs are wrapped by the wind, and it is likely to be blocked when the legs are pumped to support the ground, and finally cause the whole person to fall directly on the ground, and what is more frightening is that once rubbed by the car, it is difficult to escape in the first time and cause tragedy.

Wind deflectors, parasols

In order to better develop electric vehicle protective accessories, businesses have developed parasols, semi-closed wind shields and closed wind shields on the basis of wind shields, and wind shields and umbrellas have a greater impact on the balance stability of electric vehicles, because their wind resistance area is much larger than the wind shield, and the bracket and plastic transparent plate of the wind shield will block the line of sight, especially in rainy weather, the plastic board is full of rainwater, which has a great impact on the line of sight. When cycling encounters large gusts of wind, it will be blown down directly, causing traffic accidents.

How to choose the right cold protection tool?

First of all, according to the size of their electric vehicle to choose, the wind shield is not easy to be too thick, the electric vehicle grip position space rich can not affect the brake, the height should be appropriate not easy to be too long, so as not to affect the flexibility of the legs, in general, when we ride in an unexpected situation when the electric vehicle topples, we can quickly respond, can not hinder our support action and escape from the dangerous things. And wind shields and parasols should be cautious when choosing to buy, and cannot ignore safety for the convenience of the moment. For example, some wind shields can be hung around the neck or squeezed around the waist, and they should be used more carefully.

The best and safest way to protect yourself from the cold is to choose cotton gloves and knee pads, or wear extra clothes when you go out.

Since the beginning of winter, many regional cities have carried out publicity and partial dismantling of electric vehicle cold protection equipment.

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