It’s cold, these 5 mid-length cotton clothes match, stylish, warm and graceful

1. This mid-length cotton jacket has a more fashionable fur collar design. Large pockets on both sides, practicable practicality, so that small hands that have nowhere to place have a warm place. Wear it with a turtleneck and rolled jeans, it’s so easy to wear thin, with a top tied underneath and long legs! In the loose trouser legs, hide one or two warm items, not bloated and warm.

2. White turtleneck + roll-up jeans, truly youthful and fashionable. The high neck is warm, and the loose pants add warmth. A cotton suit with a black mid-length design, simple and versatile. The overall match, fashionable and warm.

3. The design of pink cotton suit with large fur collar looks particularly warm. Over the length of the hips, very warm. Loose and tight on the top and bottom without looking bloated. The feeling of bloated in jeans and cotton clothing. It is recommended to choose plush jeans. With fur earmuffs + scarves, full of girly hearts, girls who are afraid of cold must have oh!

4. Cotton clothing + jeans are common items in winter, color-block cotton clothing, fashionable and age-reducing. Loose fit, add warm pieces without bulk. The upper body looks very warm, wearing a hat is warmer, tear-off jeans, more fashionable, scarves are fashionable to keep warm~

5. Pink mid-length cotton jacket with hooded design to keep warm to wear. The sweater has a loose and moderate fit, hidden with warm pieces, which is warm and covers the flesh and looks thin. With a sweater + jeans, it’s not bloated, neat and stylish.

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