No money, no self-defense weapons 23-year-old Chinese girl skated across the United States in a pair of rollers

According to the US “World Journal”, Yanise Ho, a 23-year-old Chinese girl, is crossing the United States in inline skating, challenging the Guinness World Record for the longest roller skating journey and raising education funds for girls as far away as Kenya and Uganda. She began to travel the world at the age of 16, and traveled to Europe and Central America at the age of 20, speaking English, Italian, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin… Such a fantastic resume may have been the ideal of many people’s lives. But the “post-95s” born in Hong Kong, China, He Yien has already realized “poetry and distance” in his cardamom years.

Except for a pair of inline skates, Ho Yi’en was equipped with only a 40-pound backpack, no money, no food, and no self-defense weapons. She said that the kindness of passers-by is the warmest support for her to complete this 6,000-mile journey.

He Yien skated across the United States alone and took a photo with passers-by. (Source: World Journal of the United States, courtesy of He Yien)

Ho has been “on the road” since she was 15 years old, and unlike many of her peers who still chew books on campus or worry about work. She attended high school in Rome, Italy, attended three different universities in Washington, California, and New York, and finally earned a degree in journalism from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) through online classes.

She began her career as a “backpacker” at the age of 20, traveling throughout Central America, Europe and Canada; At the age of 21, she decided to travel all over the United States in an inline wheel. This journey is to prove to the world the goodness and faith of human nature; With love and trust, people can be connected regardless of origin or color. During her journey, she donated the proceeds through the non-profit organization One Girl Can to girls in Kenya and Uganda to help them fight child marriage, human trafficking, violent sexual assault and other evils, and gain access to educational opportunities that will change their lives.

She believes that education is the only key to empowering women, empowering them, and allowing them to pursue their ideals, and that if ordinary girls like her can achieve what the outside world thinks women are difficult to do, then anyone has the power to achieve their dreams.

He Yien said she first came up with the idea of “roller skating journey” to awaken human faith in 2016, when she was not yet able to skate in-line. But she is determined to learn, and with her pulley journey, she tells the world that there are far more good things than bad things; Only by remaining positive and treating each other well can we truly appreciate the beauty of unity.

So she took her first pair of roller skates and flew to Canada to study, and fell badly in the first two months, with more than 30 leg abrasions and 10 head stitches. But none of this shook her resolve in the slightest. After months of hard training, Ho Yien embarked on his first backpacker’s roller skating journey, arriving in Miami, Florida, in 19 days and 600 miles from Savannah, Georgia.

Yanise Ho, a 23-year-old Chinese-American girl, is skating across the United States in an inline row, challenging the Guinness World Record for the longest roller skating journey. (Source: World Journal of the United States, courtesy of He Yien)

With years of experience traveling alone, he doesn’t need to read the “Guide” every time he leaves for a new location. She doesn’t want to be disturbed by preconceived notions.

Of course, there will always be some well-wishers who will tell her how dangerous the world is and how sinister the human heart is before the journey begins. But for He Yien, so far in the world, she has only seen good people who help each other. She started in Miami and headed north to New York and west to Los Angeles. Roller skating is 20 to 30 miles a day, and up to 47 miles at most, and the whole process is expected to take six or seven months.

During this time, she was “penniless” and relied on people along the road to provide food and shelter. Mr. Ho said she spent not a day on the streets or starving and freezing during her trip. “Every day passers-by come up to give me water, food and lodging.”

Ho said many people are wary of the world, even cynical, because of the overwhelming negative news that the media is exposed to every day. It’s not because they’re not kind, it’s that they don’t dare to be kind. She said she believes that everyone is loving from the bottom of their hearts and just needs a chance to awaken that faith.

He Yien is still skating all over the eastern United States. In the past 78 days of roller skating, the journey has been 1480 miles, and 2000 yuan has been raised. She hopes to complete this 6,000-mile journey through the south, east and west of the United States, write a book to record her experience, and continue to engage in humanitarian causes to empower girls around the world. In the future, she also plans to devote herself to the documentary industry, telling the unbiased real world. (Luo Xiaoyuan)

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