The wardrobe door is blocked by the bedside table and cannot be opened, and the internal lattice is a chicken rib, have you ever encountered it?

I don’t know if the friends have encountered such a situation in the decoration, the wardrobe door on the side of the bed cannot be opened or cannot be fully opened, this situation generally appears in the hinged door wardrobe, and the cabinet door is blocked by the bedside table.

Another situation is that the lattice under the wardrobe is blocked by the door, whether it is to take things or put things is very inconvenient, unfortunately, Xiaobian’s house is like this, this situation appears in the sliding door more. These problems arise because the internal structure of the wardrobe is not planned reasonably, and the different ways of opening the wardrobe are not well understood.

Regarding the planning of the internal structure of the wardrobe, reply to the keyword “wardrobe” in the background, and we will recommend relevant content for you. Let’s talk about the way to open the wardrobe door, many people will be entangled in choosing a sliding door or a swing door, we analyze it from four aspects, if you don’t like it, the third way to open the door may be suitable for you!



The sliding door opens in the form of left and right sliding doors, which is not only lightweight, easy to use, high space utilization, has a sense of wholeness, can be used as a wall, and can be embedded when the wall structure is satisfied.

Swing doors are a widely used type, and the finished wardrobes in the furniture market are almost all swing doors. But its disadvantage is that the height is limited, and if you reach the top, you need to make a split cabinet, which may not be so good.



The two sliding doors are staggered, and there will inevitably be a gap between the two doors, and it will inevitably fall gray over time.

The swing door does not have this problem, 360 degrees without dead angles.


Door opening breadth

If you make 2 sliding doors, the opening door is only half of the area of the opening of the cabinet, so it is a bit troublesome to get things. Even if you make 3 doors, one-third of the opening area is still blocked by the door, and you need to push the door over to find something.

If the hinged door is made of 2, open the doors on both sides to reveal the entire cabinet, which is more convenient for taking large items; If you do 3 or more, you can only open 2 small doors, which is similar to sliding doors.


Takes up space

Sliding door:

Left and right opening and closing, does not take up space.

Swing doors:

It needs to take up a little space when opening, and the size needs to be planned when designing in the early stage. If the bedroom is relatively small and the wardrobe is close to the bedside table, it is very reluctant to use a swing door.

Of course, in addition to the above two forms of doors, there is a third type of door, that is: folding doors

Folding door exterior

The appearance of the wardrobe folding door is novel, and it is also a popular form, which not only occupies a small space, but is also convenient to use.

Folding door sealing

It is equivalent to the tightness of the swing door, but the opening and closing structure is different.

Folding door opening and closing width & space size

The picture below is a set of folding cabinet doors that have not yet been installed with a door cover, to show the powerful opening and closing ability of folding doors. The cabinet occupies an entire wall and is about 3.2 meters wide.

The folding door has a total of 8 = 4 folds, which is equivalent to only needing to occupy 3.2/8 = 0.4 meters of space in front of the cabinet when opening.

Since the flat door needs to take up space, why not conflict with the bedside table, the point is that each folding door can slide to any position. If the position of one door is blocked by the nightstand, slide it to another position to open it.

Illustrate with a GIF:

A wardrobe equipped with a folding door can push the door to the side, revealing the entire cabinet and turning into a cloakroom in minutes. Slide open the cabinet door, all the clothes in the cabinet can be seen at a glance, which is very convenient to handle.

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