OMG | Guan Xiaotong feels milk tea vs Huang Ling Nuan baby couture, who is anti-freezing?

Guan Xiaotong’s Vlog, this time it is difficult to say enough

Cold! Cold! Cold! Say important things three times.

Thinking back to the beginning of autumn, when COCO’s queen mother reminded me that “this year is super winter”, the “three points of ridicule, seven points of carelessness” response on my face, at this moment I want to give myself the same look as Mr. Liu Mintao.

After all, when COCO turned on the weather forecast and deliberately put on invisible and spectacle glasses for various confirmations, I finally accepted the fact that next week it was minus 6 degrees to minus 13 degrees. According to weather experts, this cold wave is gathering over Siberia, and the sense of winter ritual, cold air trumps me.

At this moment, the fairy sisters from the northeast of Inner Mongolia and the Xiang crocodile Sichuan and Chongqing may have to tear the pretentious COCO with the cold of their hometown. STOP! Shouldn’t we join hands at this moment to fight the low temperature?! Otherwise, it will be winter when facial expression management is dominated by cold.

Big cotton jacket with two cotton pants, the inside is sheepskin and the outside is wrapped in cloth… NO! In the face of cold, the bottom line of beauty cannot be compromised. At the moment, Ms. Huang Ling, who has not played according to the routine, her 2020 fall/winter warm baby haute couture series items, do you think that you can also use it to copy and paste (mainly paste)?

There are also people like Dou Jingtong, who chose survival between fashion and aura. Military coats and cotton hats combine the most fashionable “Labor Protection Style” in winter. The countdown to the New Year’s Eve party, another wave of frozen memes is about to be launched.

Wearing more and less varies from person to person. There is also a method of warmth, which can warm the whole body from the inside out, and even the tips of the toes with underdeveloped capillaries can be moisturized by the warm current. It, just drink! Hot! Water!

Of course, you can drink hot drinks, and I believe that you and celebrities are not only convinced. Reliable and effective anti-cold god drinks are all hidden in their new wave of vlogs.

Tang Yixin

Although it is a customized vlog for Christmas, the mulled red wine taught by Tang Yixin can be drunk until the beginning of spring. Sweet and sour and delicious and warm-up, a drink with girlfriends at a party, you can also have a slightly drunk feeling, perfect.

Mulled wine looks like a drink that only became popular in these two years, and the Romans invented it as early as the 2nd century AD. The British call it Mulled Wine, the Germans love Glühwein, and a glass of Nordic Glögg is a must-have for Norwegian Danes in winter.

Making mulled wine doesn’t have to test your cooking skills, and even lazy people can make a delicious glass because it’s so easy. The raw materials can be solved by the supermarket downstairs: fresh apples, lemons, oranges, spices, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, fragrant leaves and rock sugar.

Spices vary from person to person, and compared with Tang Yixin’s creative upgrade, you can also keep only clove cinnamon and sugar to make a glass of traditional mulled wine. Here’s another tip: stick the cloves into the orange peel so you don’t have to worry about drinking them inattentively.

As for the choice of red wine, he voted for Tang Yixin. A single product of about 100 yuan is enough, it is best to filter the body of the wine with a tool to avoid impurities affecting the taste.

The lazy method is very simple, put all the ingredients in the pot, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and cook for 5 minutes. You can stir-fry the cloves and cinnamon for five minutes over low heat before cooking, so that the flavor of the spices will be stronger.

Share a tip: leave some mulled wine, boil and add peeled and diced pears, cook for 5 minutes, turn off the heat, cover and let stand for 5 minutes, a wine dessert is born in place. Roasting the fireplace (in fact, it is an electric heater) chasing the drama, accompanied by a glass of mulled red wine, minus 16 degrees has anything to do with me?! (albeit only temporarily)

Guan Xiaotong

A few days ago, Douyin, COCO met a food blogger visiting Guan Xiaotong’s newly opened milk tea shop. Deeply suspicious of self-discipline, she just used the name of work to satisfy her own gluttony.

No, the new issue of vlog is online, and it is again to teach everyone (for yourself) to make handmade food. This wave of items is heart-warming salty milk tea, which should be translated as the popular sea salt milk cover milk tea.

The ingredients are simple, but there is also a sense of wonder: black sesame seeds, peanut beans and sea salt. Put them on plastic wrap, wrap them, then pick up the rolling pin that mom used to intimidate you when she was a child, and the next thing is one word: smash! PS: If you have a grinder, you don’t have to bother.

Put the tea leaves in a pot and add water and heat until boiling, which will fully release the aroma and taste of the tea.

Don’t ask COCO how much sesame peanuts to put in, whether to use black tea or green tea, whether to put one bottle or two bottles of water… Because food blogger Guan Xiaotong’s answer is “by feeling”.

This consists of pouring milk after the tea leaves have boiled. The criterion for more quantity and less is not the number on the scale, but the feedback of color.

The link of putting sea salt is the same. 1-3 grams, how much exactly? Work on you, think hard.

Like “Brother Salt”, use your soul to sprinkle a small amount of sea salt into the milk tea at will, and after 3 minutes of boiling the milk tea, you can turn off the heat.

Pour into a cup and beat the cream flowers, which can be used as a milk cap to add flavor and as a garnish to add atmosphere. By the way, Guan Xiaotong’s rare and pulled the same cream flower, just because it is almost used up, that’s all.

Finally, sprinkle sesame peanut crumbs, decorate it with your favorite cookies, and the heart-warming salty milk tea is born in place, so beautiful that the picture is blurred.

The milk tea that was all based on feelings was made, and COCO had a feeling of loneliness. Leave him alone! Simple and easy to make, warm and delicious, you say?

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