With a small pair of white pants in winter, master these 4 points of dressing, and ordinary people can wear it decently

Little white pants, a classic item in the fashion world. It’s simple, atmospheric, neat, and adds a bit of boyishness to the body. Walking on the street in small white pants can also make the people around you feel their own youth and vitality. at

As long as we master the 4 points of dressing, we can give full play to the advantages of small white pants and easily show the personal charm of women. Therefore, let’s take a look at how small white pants should be worn with a sense of premium!

Winter pants “wear light but not deep”, get 4 points to wear white pants, ordinary people are also fashionable.

First, “short up and long down”, modify the body shape

The overall shape is simply divided into upper and lower parts, and only the harmonious and natural upper and lower clothing can interpret the sense of premium. Simple small white pants adhere to the “upper short and lower length” wearing points, which can effectively highlight the high waist and long legs, so that the proportion of the whole person’s body is optimized, so as to achieve the effect of modifying the body shape.

The “upper short and lower length” wearing method, that is: choose short clothing for the upper body and long clothing for the lower body. In this way, combining with each other can better shape the superior body ratio of “three and seven”. For small girls, this way of wearing is simple and easy to control, and it can easily achieve the effect of modifying the body shape, and the shortcomings of short legs and short height have been significantly improved.

Second, match the same color to highlight the sense of premium

The pure white color and the occasional snowflake in winter are like a match made in heaven, adding a sense of tranquility and coziness to this winter, making people feel comfortable physically and mentally. Therefore, we can choose tops in the same color as the little white pants to highlight the sense of luxury.

The color matching method of the same color is simple and not lacking in high-end sense, which can avoid color conflicts between upper and lower clothing, so that we can also save worry and effort when matching, which is very suitable.


Matching with the same color does not necessarily require that the color of the upper and lower clothing is exactly the same, we can take clothing of the same color and different tones, and match it with small white pants

Feel the nuances

In this way, the color layering of the overall shape can be obvious, and the high-grade and high-class charm of the individual can be highlighted.

※”AAB” color scheme weakens the monotony of white

Many people always feel that the color scheme of the same color is too monotonous, and it is a little more light in the slightly cold winter. Therefore, if you don’t like women with the same color, we can adopt the “AAB” color matching method to weaken the monotony of white.

In fact, the AAB color scheme is that the upper and lower coats are white, and the outer layered coat is other colors. In this way, the AAB effect is visually formed. Look at the two groups of shapes in the picture above is AAB color matching, stylish and eye-catching, instantly highlighting people’s eyes.

Third, add element embellishmentsaccessories to enhance the refinement of the shape

The small white pants are simple in style and simple in design, although they can reflect the essence of “great beauty to simplicity”, but if other items are also without design elements, it is inevitable that they will be a little monotonous and boring. Therefore, when we are wearing small white pants, we can

Add element embellishmentsaccessories to enhance the refinement of the look.

Choosing a top or scarf with elements as an embellishment can effectively alleviate the monotony of the little white pants, so that it can achieve the effect of “combining traditional and simple”, and you can easily get a sense of premium.

We can also add accessories to make the look more delicate, thereby slowing down the monotony of the little white pants. You can choose bags with pearls, metal ring clasps and other designs, which also adds a touch of luxury to the look, easily creating a simple and sophisticated look.

Fourth, the combination of width and narrowness, visual balance

If you want to make the overall shape show a stylish and high-end effect, you should pay attention to whether the shape, style, color and other aspects are harmonious. In winter, the most common clothing problems are bloated and fat. We can adopt a combination of wide and narrow matching methods to achieve visual balance of the overall clothing, so as to avoid possible problems.

The combination of width and narrow can make the overall shape achieve a coordinated and harmonious state. Then, the top and small white pants can be “narrow at the top and wide at the bottom”, so that the body fat of the lower body is covered. Moreover, many people will layer a coat over the top. At this time, the jacket and top adopt a “wide outside and narrow inside” approach, which is also very harmonious visually. The overall shape is not only relaxed and moderate, but also covers the flesh and shows thinness.

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With a small pair of white pants in winter, master these 4 points of dressing, and ordinary people can wear it decently

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