Illustration of the cable playing method of the 110 voice distribution frame

110 voice patch panel

(1) Fix the distribution frame to the appropriate position of the cabinet;

(2) Start to sort out the cable from the cabinet inlet, sort the cable along both sides of the cabinet to the distribution frame, and leave a large logarithmic cable of about 25 cm, use an electrician knife or scissors to peel off the outer skin of the large logarithmic cable (as shown in Figure 1), use a lashing strap to fix the cable, pass the cable through the wire entry hole on the side of the 110 voice distribution frame, and place it at the wiring of the distribution frame (as shown in Figure 2);

Figure 1

Figure 2

(3) 25 wire sequence of the cable, first the main color distribution, and then according to the color distribution, the standard distribution principle is as follows:

Communication cable chromatographic arrangement:

The main color of the cable is: white, red, black, yellow, purple

The cable color is blue, orange, green, brown, gray

A set of 25 pairs of cables, grouped by ribbon, for a total of 25 sets:

(1) (white blue, white orange, white green, white brown, white gray)

(2) (red blue, red orange, red green, red brown, red gray)

(3) (black blue, black orange, black green, black brown, black gray)

(4) (yellow-blue, yellow-orange, yellow-green, yellow-brown, yellow-gray)

(5) (purple blue, purple orange, purple green, purple brown, purple gray)

Pairs 1-25 are the first group, wound with a white and blue ribbon.

Pairs of 26-50 are the second group, wound with a white-orange ribbon.

Pairs 51-75 are the third group, wound with a white and green ribbon.

Pairs 76-100 are the fourth group, wound with a white-brown ribbon.

This 100 pairs of lines is 1 large group with a white ribbon to wrap 4 groups together, 200 pairs, 300 pairs, 400 pairs… 2400 pairs and so on, the effect after grouping is shown in Figure 3.

(4) According to the order of cable chromatography, press the corresponding color of the wire pairs into the slot one by one (as shown in Figure 5), and then use the 110 wire matching tool to fix the wire pair connection, and at the same time cut off the excess wires extending outside the slot. Note: The knife should be perpendicular to the distribution frame with the knife edge facing outward, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 5

Figure 6

(5) Then prepare 5 pairs of wire tools and 110 connection blocks (as shown in Figure 7), put the connection block into the 5 pairs of wire tools (as shown in Figure 8), press the connection block vertically into the slot (as shown in Figure 9), and affix the numbering label, note that the combination of connection terminals is: when installing on the base of 25 pairs of 110 distribution frame, 5 4 pairs of connection blocks and 1 5 pairs of connection blocks should be selected, or 7 3 pairs of connection blocks and 1 4 pairs of connection blocks. Complete the installation of white, red, black, yellow and purple areas from left to right. This is consistent with the installation color sequence of 25 pairs of large logarithmic cables. The finished rendering is shown in Figure 10.

Figure 8

Figure 9

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