What do I need to pay attention to when customizing the sliding door of the shower room? Introduction to the knowledge of sliding doors in the shower room


Custom shower booth sliding door

Design, many owners don’t know where to start. In fact, customizing the sliding door of the shower room is very simple, and you can master the matching and purchasing skills. Let’s learn together.

Custom-made shower sliding door matching tips

1, the bathroom with small space, should try to choose the frameless design of the shower sliding door, in order to achieve visual extension, while considering the opening of the door, in general, the sliding door needs to have space to stretch, the sliding door will not occupy other space.

2. The design of the shower door can achieve the effect of dry and wet separation, and it is recommended to communicate with the construction party as much as possible before the purchase of the shower door and construction, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the future.

3. Choose a glass-style shower sliding door, pay attention to whether it is unbreakable tempered glass, in order to prevent danger; In addition, the distance between the shower space and the basin and toilet should be calculated, and the distance between each other should be at least 40 cm, so that it will not easily collide and it will be uncomfortable to use.

4. The design of the shower tower, the bottom will be matched with the bathtub, if the height of the floor tile of the bathroom in the home is designed to be divided or thresholded, the matching of the bathtub can be omitted; In addition, before installing the shower door and related equipment, it should be planned together with the designer and the plumber to avoid drilling the water pipe during installation.

5. The shower door and faucet, shower column and other equipment should be matched as a whole to show the texture and beauty therein. Generally speaking, if you choose a shower door with a frame, it is recommended to use it with a white acrylic faucet and shower column; If you choose a simpler borderless sliding door, it is best to match it with modern related equipment.

Customized shower room sliding door purchase method

1. The shower door is mostly installed in the corner of the bathroom, and the bathroom shower door with a small area is selected to turn the corner type and the straight corner type, and its specifications are 800 mm× 800 mm× 1900 mm; Arc type, S type, diamond type are suitable for larger area bathrooms.

2. Pay attention to the material of the shower sliding door, generally with aluminum alloy as the frame, PS board as the panel, with tempered glass and acrylic materials. In addition to folding shapes, it can also be designed according to the site. The surface of the panel is divided into transparent and opaque two, opaque can be divided into flowing water pattern, water drop pattern, fragrant pear pattern, etc., transparent are made of tempered glass panel, its glass should be more than 4 mm. When choosing an opaque acrylic material, it is necessary to see whether the panel is easy to break, and the higher-grade shower sliding door is mostly made of tempered glass as the panel, with an open bath door.

3. Pay attention to the connection of the sliding door track, a good sliding door track is made of copper, the pulley is nylon material, so that the push and pull is smooth and durable, in addition, you should also pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and wall plate are tightly seamed with the closed track. Otherwise, long-term push-pull switch collision will easily loosen the door piece.

4, to pay attention to the details of the design, the shower door has gradually become humanized design, its aggregate is more detailed, the corner is round, the edge is also exquisite, there is no track under the sliding door, the wheelchair can enter directly, which is more in line with the needs of modern people emphasizing exquisite life products.

5. Common brands on the market that can customize shower sliding doors are Kohler, Faenza, TOTO, Eagle, Anwar, Apollo, American Standard, Yico, Wrigley, Hans Shanggao, Meijiahua, Hengjie, Hua Yida, Huida, Mona Lisa, Osman, etc., and its price is between 1500-2500.

Custom shower sliding door cleaning and maintenance

First, the cleaning of customized shower sliding doors

Custom shower sliding doors focus on cleaning glass doors and pulleys. When cleaning the glass door, use a soft, dry cloth. If there is light dirt, wash it with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with neutral detergent, and when removing stubborn dirt, remove it with alcohol. Remember not to wipe the glass surface with a corrosive liquid such as Tianna water, so as not to damage the surface gloss; Pulleys and slides must be cleaned regularly to avoid debris blocking the passage and keep the sliding door opening and closing smooth.

Second, the maintenance of customized shower sliding doors

1. Maintenance of tempered glass: do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects to avoid damage; Do not wipe the glass surface with a water-like corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss; Do not wipe the glass surface with a rough material to avoid scratches.

2. Use and maintenance of pulleys: avoid hitting the movable door with force below, so as not to cause the movable door to fall off; Pay attention to regularly clean the slides, pulleys, sliders, and fill lubricants (lubricating oil or lubricating wax); Adjust the adjusting screw of the slider regularly to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the slider to the movable door.

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Custom shower booth sliding door

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