The 50-year-old Wang Feng is not old, wearing a red printed jacket with sweatpants, casual and dashing like a trendy man

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Middle-aged male

Let’s talk about wearing casual clothes again

Stylish in mind

。 Wearing the trendy charm of middle-aged men is not an easy task.

Because casual clothing itself

Very homely

, and the first impression left by strangers at first sight is often the person’s appearance and his dress, so a fashion trend

Casual wear

Can be impressive.

Dress appropriately at the same time

Be decent

, makes people feel that there is

Sense of weight

。 So how should casual clothing be dressed? Let’s take a look at how Wang Feng does it?

For men who often need to socialize, or work in the office, dressing appropriately is

Very important

Dressing, especially when meeting customers, often brings a lot to business

Catalytic effect.

There may be men who will say that they do not need to socialize, nor do they need to meet customers, there is no need to toss themselves, in fact, otherwise, people are in social relations all their lives, since it is in the social environment, then people’s appearance and dress will deeply affect the people around him,

Including yourself.

At the age of half a hundred, men must also be able to dress up,

Dress trendy to have temperament,

Looking at what Wang Feng is wearing, it gives people the feeling of success in his career at first glance,

Excellent mental state.

Casual wear analysis

Red patterned coat

Since men need to dress well

There is a manhood,

Therefore, the restrictions on the choice of color for middle-aged men will be much more, and people often need to increase their spirit by dressing in middle age, in many colors,

Red represents vitality and festivity,

Add a red piece to your body and it’s instantaneous

Brighten up your outfit.

If you are worried that the big red is too bright, you can pass

Black weakens its sense of grandeur

, I want to choose a black pattern

Red coat,

It’s a very good outfit.


When choosing a pattern, don’t choose too slender patterns, men are


You should choose a bold design, open and fall, not limited to small sections,

More masculine.

For boys, dressing is often

Very minimalistic

But everyone is a different individual and has its own uniqueness


, the understanding of fashion is also very different.

Want to disperse

Stylish glamour

, can be expressed through street sense full of letter elements, letter design

Simple and classic

, design letter words on the outside of the pants, which can increase the sense of shape of the pants,

Not monotonous.

The letters are not only the side design, but also very sewn on the pants through letter appliqués, letter embroidery, etc

Brilliant outfits.

If embroidery is combined with smooth fabrics,

And visual impact,



At the same time, if the embroidery is a little more delicate, there is a more one

Vintage style.

50-year-old Wang Feng does not accept old age, wearing a red printed jacket with sweatpants, casual and dashing like a trendy man, it can be said that many 20-year-old young boys, the mental state is not necessarily comparable, it is very worth learning.

Wearing a combination of bold red and dull black is possible

neutralize each other,

Weaken each other’s weaknesses, such as red exaggeration and black dullness, play

One plus one is greater than two effects

, ostentatious at the same time

It doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable.

More clothing matching analysis

Black trendy men’s outfit

For many boys, getting dressed is already exhausting their energy, not to mention

Pay attention to color

, so many fabrics match

Complicated rules.

Then for this kind of boy who is more lazy to match, choose a black match,

Not only worry-free

, and very much

Cool Man Fan

, even if the appearance is not very outstanding, all kinds of outfits will not reduce their points.

Wearing black will make people feel

The styling is refreshing

At first glance, it is not easy to make people

Feel unique

, so be bold and try a variety of things

Mix and match of assortment.


Contrast color matching

, a bright white or candy-colored sneakers, paired with the whole body black, immediately played a finishing touch,

The details are stylish.

Baseball uniform wear

If you feel solid black

Too popular

, has no personal characteristics, and wants to express unruly through dressing


, you can try the most classic one

Letter element outfit.

White print painted letters are superimposed on the black cotton garment, adding to the garment

layering and texture,

You can also express your mood and personality through alphabetic words, which can be said to be very good-looking

Suitable for men

of dressing.

The easiest pit to step on is the meaning of English words, so remember when choosing this type of clothing

Keep an eye on it

First, understand the meaning of English words and see if there is any insult to yourself or others

Indecent words.

If such a design is there

Social occasions

, recognized by people with relatively high English proficiency, often easily feel offended by this person

Impression score decreased.

Among the many costumes, the baseball uniform is a piece with a very strong sense of design and clothing characteristics, it has both

Leisure and sporty

, often supplemented by appliqué designs or embroidery with various patterns.

If the dragon and phoenix flower embroidery of classical Chinese elements is sewn, it will create a combination of Chinese and Western dressing effect.

Very eye-catching.

If the figure is not very thin, it is highly recommended to choose

Leather fabric

Not only is the baseball uniform not comfortable enough, but the meat will really look like it

Uncle Fa Fu,

Not suitable for building

Sense of style.

About casual style of dressing is introduced here, I believe you already have Wang Feng’s dressing style

A certain understanding.

If you have better

Dress advice

, or have casual style clothing that is more suitable for men Amway to those around you, you may wish to be in the comment area

Share it with everyone.





Baseball uniform wear

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