In every Lao Guang’s memory, there is a pack of this noodles!

For Lao Guang, Huafeng, is definitely not a strange word, it is a weight noun, more or less we are a little disconnected with it, I believe that 8090’s Lao Guang has eaten, Huafeng three fresh noodles

There are many instant noodles eaten from childhood to adulthood, and Huafeng always has a special place in our hearts, which people will not forget, in addition to a large package for one yuan, there is also its down-to-earth pattern + the words of the outer packaging – “familiar taste”

When I was a child, it was the most brilliant time for Huafeng instant noodles, eating dry was super fragrant, and eating noodles was also very strong, compared with Master Kong and unified with bells and whistles, plain is really good

Compared with other instant noodles, the difference of Hua Feng is that it only has a seasoning bag and no sauce bag, which is strange… It’s not bad at all

Huafeng’s previous life: China instant noodle industry C debut

In 1970, China’s first package of instant noodles was born in Shanghai Yimin Food No. 4 Factory, instant noodles were a new thing in that era

In 1980, Shanghai Yimin No. 4 Factory introduced from Japan, the first instant noodle production line

Xiong Yiwu: As the founder of Sanxian Yi Noodles, he foresaw the development momentum of instant noodles early on

In the early days, Sanxian Yimian also hired a spokesperson, that is, the famous “fat sister” Shen Dianxia. “Food Huafeng, the road is open”, the catchy advertising slogan, is simply deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

With the brainwashing advertising slogan and steady step by step, Huafeng became the largest instant noodle manufacturer in China at that time, and there was more than one way to eat Sanxian Yi noodles

So far, Huafeng Sanxian Yi Noodles has a total of three flavors: original, ribs, and chicken

If instant noodles want to have an original taste, it is the original taste of Huafeng Sanxian Yi noodles, and the ingredients of Sanxian Yi Noodles are extremely simple. Only light oil packets and simple vegetable packets, just right and timely to add flavor and flavor, just suitable for the taste of various streets in Guangzhou. When it comes to the eating method of Sanxian Yi noodles, I have to mention these two basic eating methods

Egg three fresh noodles: The egg in the noodles must be broken, the broken egg and the noodle soup are integrated into one, and there are also higher-order ways to eat, that is, add an extra loose egg

Crisp noodles: First crush the instant noodles, the pressure is also reduced a lot, and then pour the powder packet into the crisp noodles, shake it! shake it!

The times have been improving, and of course, the way to eat Sanxian Yi noodles has also advanced

Various pots: Whether it is a chicken pot, a beef brisket pot, a lamb pot, or any other pot, you can end with three fresh noodles

“Purr”, no matter what kind of pot, the heat is billowing and steaming

Each pot is large and sufficient, and add more noodles, just enough to absorb the essence left by the pot – sauce

Fried noodles: cook the noodles, and then stir-fry the greens and meat you want to eat in an oil pan, there are meat, vegetables and noodles, satisfied!

Noodles: Like car noodles and pasta, boil the sauce you want to eat into a sauce, pour it over the noodles, and it is another meal of three fresh noodles

Sideburner: The tendons of Sanxian Yi noodles are famous, and it is most suitable to “burn” together

In addition to Sanxian Yimian becoming the memories of our many old people, there are actually some brands that have always been in our hearts

Magician: It is also one of the brands under Huafeng, although it is not as cheap as the five-haired spicy strips, but the full bag is also very popular with children

Little Raccoon Crispy Noodles: At that time, everyone was crazy about Little Raccoon, especially in school, everyone wanted to collect 108 good Hanka. If you can collect them, there are prizes to give

Little Dangjia Crisp Noodles: Dangjia Crisp Noodles and Little Raccoon are from a company, no wonder they are so popular, so far Xiaodangjia instant noodles are still circulating in the market, which shows from the side that it is still delicious

I have eaten many, many instant noodles, but the purest is still the Hua Feng of that year

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