Disney Japan launched the most beautiful peripheral in history, and the stained glass iPhone X case is also too beautiful!

Disney launches new merchandise almost every once in a while, but the types of merchandise are mostly bags, plush toys, and jewelry, and no matter what kind of merchandise is launched, it seems to sell well.

Among them, there are not many mobile phone shells launched in cooperation, why not many? The editor went to see Hamee, who often cooperates, and has cooperated with Disney in the past to produce many mobile phone cases, but the painting style is like this…

The pattern is very cartoonish, not to mention, the shape of the mobile phone case is also very lost, and for a long time, the mobile phone case launched is this shape, and it feels like just a different pattern.

Not to mention the pattern, there is a feeling of printing the original painting directly, and there is no sense of design at all.

I don’t know if Japanese netizens also complained that the phone case is not good-looking, this time, Disney finally launched a painted glass-style mobile phone case with a high value.

There are a total of three mobile phone cases, namely “The Little Mermaid”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Trolls”, and the corresponding mobile phone is iPhone X/XS.

There are also many inside the mobile phone case that make this kind of gloss very good, but the material is not glass. This time Disney’s stained glass series is really a hardness of 9H and a thickness of 0.8mm of tempered glass, and the luster is unmatched by other materials.

Because it is the creativity of stained glass, the pattern is on the original drawing, so that the lines are more distinct, and the details can be seen to be very exquisite.

Abandoning the original relatively childish painting style, the improved stained glass style, even adults will not be very incompatible with it, girls should like it.

In order to prevent the glass from breaking, the design is specially raised to part of the four corners, even if it accidentally falls on the ground, the four corners are supported, and the glass will not be directly broken.

Probably the main target group at the beginning of the launch was girls, so the classic Disney princess image was chosen.

The Little Mermaid

Alice in Wonderland


Each one is very fairy tale girly, and it can also be paired with the previous fairy tale book series charging treasure, which is simply suitable for taking photos together.

There are also many models of this fairy tale book power bank, and there are 5 charging ports, which can charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. Of course, the appearance is also very cute, and the appearance of a fairy tale book is very in line with Disney’s painting style.

When Disney began to make mobile phone cases seriously, for Disney fans, it was simply a naked money grab

The next step is not to make Disney appliances…

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