This year’s autumn and winter sweatshirt matching guide: warm inside and sexy outside, a must-have item for autumn and winter

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Sweatshirt early is a kind of personality matching item extended from the heavy American clothing style, and the clothing style of the workwear style is similar, the early stage is a professional uniform, because the back hem wearing a hood is more convenient, suitable for factory operations, and later the sweatshirt has become a display of American personality, has become a rebellious and eclectic embodiment of clothing color, but also shows the American style of loose casual.

Now sweatshirt has become an indispensable beautiful scenery on the street, whether it is autumn sweatshirt, various patterns, changes in pattern and color, popular Chinese elements and American letters intertwined, reflecting the concept of national integration of clothing matching and international clothing values.

The matching of sweatshirt has always been a relatively loose clothing style, sweatshirt is actually not only better material, comfortable and charming, giving people a sense of sports comfort, but also can give people a casual beauty, which is now the most popular way to match, clothing from the early attention to the eyes of others, pay attention to the influence of the environment, to now pay attention to their own life experience, pay attention to their own body display, pay attention to their own comfort and values.

The style of matching clothing has changed a lot. This is the main reason why sweatshirts can become a trend, sweatshirts with long styles, short styles, in order to remove monotony, so in the matching of sweatshirts with a variety of patterns and simple patterns to embellish and modify.

1. The material of the sweatshirt determines the occasion of matching

Sweatshirts exist as casual clothing, and the styles and fabrics of sweatshirts are diverse. We usually wear it in autumn and winter, and this casual sweatshirt works well. The fabric materials of sweatshirt fabrics mainly include the following:

Polyester sweatshirt warmth is relatively poor, breathability is better, so suitable for spring and summer matching, more simple and comfortable, and cotton material sweatshirt although poor breathability, but its warmth, high flexibility, and good texture, silky feeling, matching is not easy to pill.

Points: Now the more mainstream matching style, the comfort is relatively high, the sense of experience is better, which is also the self-centered dressing concept that people are now pursuing. Of course, there are other matching materials for sweatshirts, which will not be explained here, but on the whole, it is still based on aesthetics.

Points: When matching sweatshirts, there are loose sweatshirts and tight sweatshirts, tight sweatshirts are suitable for women’s group style or sexy style matching, can highlight the slender beauty of the waist, and loose style sweatshirts are suitable for matching wide and narrow bottoms, highlighting the three-dimensional and tall legs, suitable for girls with skinny bodies, different bodies should choose the looseness that suits them when choosing sweatshirts.


Sweatshirt with shirt, the combination of inside and outside is more layered

When matching sweatshirts, layering is a very important matching skill and concept, whether it is inside or outside, you need a sense of layering to foil, then the whole matching has a relaxed sense of beauty, you can wear a long T-shirt, with American loose and lazy, you can also match a simple shirt, forming two different styles of collision beauty, so that the matching is more layered, if it is an outside, you can use down with sweatshirt, casual fashion, warm and casual.

The style of coat with sweatshirt is a more commonly used matching style, and the sweatshirt inside is generally shorter and longer coat, forming a staggered beauty, from

The straight temperament type to the casual sports type inside, the whole match has a casual beauty, but also has a sense of layering, making the matching more charming and beautiful.


Sweatshirt with ripped pants, casual and personal

In the process of matching sweatshirts, you can combine with various styles, for example, sweatshirts to match the style of royal sisters, you can use black long-sleeved models, long sweatshirts, loose and natural, with textured hip pants or shorts, showing the advantage of long legs, and patent leather high boots are cold and sharp, royal sister fan, showing unique charm in sexiness, black sweatshirts composed of different colors, making clothing more diverse.

Points: The matching of sweatshirts is actually good and good-looking, short sweatshirts are suitable for women with slender waist, and long sweatshirts are suitable for women with versatile and fashionable waists and long legs, which adds points to matching.

Summary: In fact, the matching of sweatshirts, there are many ways, short sweatshirts with high-waist loose pants, long sweatshirts with shorts, bright sweatshirts suitable for inner style, more highlights, black and white sweatshirts are suitable for the outside, can present the beauty of simplicity, casual beauty, so the matching of clothing, in fact, different styles, different colors, different designs have its matching concepts and matching skills, choose the right style, natural matching is good.

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