Go out and pack in winter, how to do without this glove

This year’s winter seems to have come a little earlier. After several heavy snowfalls in many places in the north, the temperature plummeted, the wind was cold, and it was time for the hands to freeze in minutes! In weather below 0 degrees, if your hands are exposed to cold wind for a long time, in addition to the sting of the drill core, it is easy to get frostbite. And once the warmth is not in place, this chilblain will recur every year …

For the cycling party, compatriots working on construction sites, going out without a pair of warm gloves is simply a painful ordeal. So, when buying scarves and hats, don’t forget to bring yourself and your family a pair of gloves. Fortunately, Xiaobian found this for everyone

This plush and thick gloves of Antarctica, it integrates warmth, touchability, anti-slip, and proper black technology in the glove industry.

The whole glove is designed with a double-layer waterproof fabric design and 3 layers of thick cotton wool lining. The heat transfer coefficient is as high as 9.73, the outer layer resists the cold, and the inner layer locks the heat and directly hangs the gloves on the market.

As a working cycling party, the editor has bought dozens of pairs of gloves. Like knitted fabrics, leather gloves, although warm, but most of them are insulating materials, you have to take off the gloves to achieve it when answering a phone call~ But the design of this glove is particularly humane, and conductive yarn materials are added to the tips of the thumb and forefinger, which can transmit the microcurrent of the human body very quickly, the touch screen is very sensitive, wearing it to play mobile phones, playing games does not delay hand speed at all ~ Like the world’s good-looking big-name gloves, there is no function, a pair is thousands of pieces.

This glove is not limited to men’s Oh, women’s designs are also available, and there are many colors and colors: black, gray, camel, rice, wear it fashionable and stylish in winter, and can match 90% of the items in the wardrobe. The details are also very careful, the portable buckle design, easy to store in a complete set, easy to carry, comfortable elastic design, more heat storage and warmth!

In the season of freezing hands, a pair of warm gloves not only brings you full of warmth, but also does not delay playing with mobile phones at all, are you moved?

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Go out and pack in winter, how to do without this glove

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