Cotton clothing, autumn pants, thermos cups, gloves, knee pads… After cooling, cold and warm products are on sale

After the cold wave brought cooling down on the weekend, many cold and warm products in shopping malls opened the hot sale mode in advance. Products such as cotton clothing with fat and thicker versions, autumn pants with heat-generating fibers, and knee pads made of graphene fabric are the most popular among the public, and some shops can sell more than 20 pairs of autumn pants a day.

On the afternoon of October 18, on the first basement floor of Ritan International Trade Center, the shelves of men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing were changed into winter styles, and some shops had hung snow boots for sale.

“It’s cold, people riding electric cars are prone to freezing their hands, and there are a lot of gloves bought in the past two days, and the gloves on the shelves can be sold nearly half in a day.” Now this suede style is the most popular, warm and beautiful. The owner of a clothing store said.

“In winter, my family is prone to cold and headaches, and I must wear a hat when I go out.” Mr. Song, who is shopping for cotton hats, said.

On the second floor of the Bai Rong World Trade Mall, a shop selling down jackets was crowded with shoppers. “It’s hot to wear down jackets now, but it’s just right to wear down shoulders, these down shoulders are just hung out, and they can sell seventeen or eight pieces a day, and those with belts sell better.” The store said.

As the weather changed, merchants replaced light and breathable knitwear with cotton clothing, and “thicker and warmer” became a ubiquitous propaganda slogan. Thermal pants, heat pants, fleece leggings… Many stores have autumn pants with heat-generating fibers in a prominent position, and this new fabric of autumn pants is very popular with consumers. “Now ordinary autumn pants are outdated, everyone loves to wear this kind of light and warm thermal pants, wear them inside the outer pants without showing traces, the day before yesterday a customer bought seven or eight in one go.” The store said, “However, the elderly still prefer suede and loose autumn pants, and they like to buy two colors at a time to wear upside down, and our store sells the fastest in large sizes such as 4XL and 5XL, up to more than 20 pairs a day.” ”

In the clothing accessories section, rows of plush knee pads and waist pads stand out on shelves, and a shopkeeper is holding a graphene knee pad to sell to customers. “Graphene fiber knee pads are new this year, this material can independently heat up and protect the knee joint, and there is also wormwood inside, which can promote blood circulation and sell particularly well.”

In addition to offline, on online shopping platforms such as Taobao, cotton slippers, thermos cups, thermal underwear and scarves of many brand stores have also ushered in hot sales. Some brain-opening warming artifacts have also attracted many consumers, such as cushions with electric heating functions, foot warmers, desktop heaters, insulated coasters and other products, and the monthly sales of a desktop heater priced at more than 40 yuan reached 20,000 pieces.

It is worth noting that the quality of some electric heating products such as electric blankets and rechargeable hand warmers on the Internet is uneven, which is easy to cause safety accidents during use, and the public should not only pay attention to the appearance of the product when purchasing, but should carefully check the commodity identification and select the products of regular manufacturers.

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