Precautions when choosing clothes and bedding for newborns

Newborn skin is delicate, and it is the first time to enter a new world, for new mothers and newborns, every little thing will seem very important. This is the perfect time to show motherhood and let your baby experience it.

As the first meeting gift for newborns, it is very important to choose some comfortable and suitable clothes and bedding for newborns. How should new mothers choose for their babies and what should they pay attention to when choosing?

Precautions for choosing clothes for newborns:

First: need to follow the principle of loose and comfortable

The newborn baby’s body is mostly in a flexed state, so when choosing clothes for the baby, you should try to choose a loose and comfortable style, which is not only convenient to put on and take off, but also does not affect the baby’s physical development. The sleeves of the garment should also be slightly loose so as not to obstruct the baby’s arm movement.

Especially in the neonatal period avoid wearing corsets, some new mothers will feel that the baby looks beautiful in corsets, which is a big misunderstanding, because newborns are mostly abdominal breathing,

Corsets not only affect your baby’s normal breathing, but also cause ribs to turn out due to long-term compression

Second: be sure to choose pure cotton fabrics

After talking about the baby’s choice of loose and comfortable clothes, let’s talk about the fabric of the clothes. When choosing clothes for your baby, be sure to choose pure cotton fabrics, which are not only soft, sweat-absorbent, but also very warm.

In particular, the baby’s underwear, as a close-fitting clothing that directly touches the skin, must be cotton. It is also best to choose cotton clothes for outerwear, such as: strips, denim, knitting, etc.

It is necessary to remind everyone that chemical fiber clothes are not only poorly breathable, easy to generate static electricity, but most importantly, intimate wearing will cause discomfort to the body.

Third: Don’t buy your baby some underwear that is too fancy

For intimate clothes, mothers must not buy too fancy, brightly colored clothes for the baby, although the baby will look more beautiful when worn, but experts point out that brightly colored clothes are colored using chemical dyes, and the lead content is generally relatively high. Long-term wear can cause damage to your baby’s skin.

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers try to choose white or a color similar to the color of the skin when choosing underwear for their babies.


Newly purchased clothes, especially underwear, must be thoroughly washed before wearing them for the baby, which can not only remove the floating color and dirt on the clothes, but also effectively remove the free formaldehyde on the new clothes. When washing, choose neutral soap, do not use washing powder that is too alkaline, and cannot wash with adults’ clothes.

Precautions for choosing a newborn bedding sheet

Newborns have delicate skin, and a slight mistake can cause baby skin allergies or eczema, so when choosing bedding for your baby, you also need to choose cotton or soft cloth products with soft texture, good warmth and light color.

It is generally recommended that the size of the bedding used by newborns is: 80*80 and 100*100, if you choose cotton as filler, you should grasp the weight of about 500 grams per strip.

It should not be too heavy to avoid causing discomfort to the baby. Prepare 2-3 sets of futons.

If possible, you can prepare 2 children’s blankets for your baby, which is convenient to increase or decrease accordingly with temperature changes. The color of the blanket should not be too bright, preferably solid or white. At the same time, blankets are generally thin in texture, easy to wash, and can also be used as an auxiliary product for mothers when breastfeeding.

The choice of bed linen is also a certain particularity, pure cotton bed linen is a must.

Because of its good comfort and breathability, it can allow babies to have a safe, comfortable and non-irritating good sleep.

The color of the bed linen should try to choose some light colors that match the room decoration, and the generous and simple decors can make people relax and have a good night’s sleep.

The bed sheet chosen for the newborn should be slightly larger than the crib, and it is best to pad under the mattress all around, because the baby has a lot of activity and likes to kick and kick, which can prevent the baby from kicking the sheets.

After talking about so many precautions when choosing clothes and bedding for the baby, now the new mother should be able to know it, then quickly prepare clothes and bedding for the baby, so that the baby can feel the love and thoughtfulness from the mother as soon as it is born!

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