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Today’s topic is a bit interesting.

Like countless people, you may have imagined the transparent concept of the future mobile phone, but have you ever wondered what it would look like if the furniture was also made transparent?

Recently, I looked for some study materials about Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture on the Internet, and accidentally saw the following refreshing furniture shape.

First go to the picture, do not evaluate, after seeing it, we will judge the head.


Circle chair – transparent still series

Official hat chair – transparent still series

Taishi chair – one of the impressions of the Great Middle Hall

Rose chairs (according to the designer)

The Case of the Illusory Article – Part of the Summer Palace series

floor lamp

Pulling non-stop – flower board series

“Wufang Pavilion” square table – the second in the Summer Palace series

Eight Immortals Table with Tai Shi – the second impression of the Great Middle Hall

Drum stool – transparent still series

“Wufang Pavilion” chair – the third of the Summer Palace series

Lamp hanging chair with several

I wonder how you feel after reading it?

I can’t deny that they have a very strong impact on me at first glance. Traditional system, emerging material, strong sense of design, unique. After seeing the Ming and Qing Dynasty wooden furniture, it was suddenly “eyewashed” by this wave, which was indeed overwhelming.

But “eyewashing” cannot be “brainwashed”.

For a person who is well versed in the aesthetic essence of Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture and has carved traditional furniture culture into the bone marrow, such a furniture design is just an eyeball.

Why? We’ll say it in a moment.

There is no shortage of advocates for such furniture design:

(Author, omitted) comprehend and respect the elegant and Zen of Chinese home, appreciate the simple fashion of Western-style home, and perfectly integrate the elements of the two, from the corner of each work to the surface and the subtle combination point, all strive to be exquisite, restore the charm of Chinese home to the greatest extent, and retain the oriental taste of craftsmanship, poetry, borrowing scenery and other aspects.

He believes that finding the conflict and combination between the most modern materials and the oldest art, and creating them with the most delicate and precise craftsmanship, is the soul of contemporary design.

Of course, we can basically agree with the points praised above. When it comes to furniture, a very narrow category, should we respect the inherent character of traditional furniture?

This is where we can think, we can ask —

If there is no mahogany, will it make traditional Chinese furniture? If you don’t use mahogany, can Chinese furniture still be called a classic?

Taking a step back, the precious and rare hardwoods such as yellow rosewood can be replaced by plastic glass plates, and we can explore new forms in terms of materials, so can the mortise and tenon process also be replaced by chemical glue?

In fact, on the contrary, if the furniture is really made of plastic transparent panels, I think it is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for the traditional mortise and tenon structure. Because it is transparent, the internal structure of the furniture can be clearly seen.

However, in the above examples, we do not see this kind of tension manifestation.

Instead, we can take a few examples from the previous ones to see designs that are also transparent and see how other designers behave.

For example, the explosion of the circle chair of domestic designer Shao Fan –

Deconstructed circle chairs

This is a large lacquered circle chair, the tenon and tenon structure is all open, supported by plexiglass, showing the viewer the internal situation of the tenon and tenon structure unique to China, some people call it

Circle chair explosion diagram

What struck us about this work was the structure of the chair, and it was also the structure of the chair that the actor completed the creation. Compared with hardwood furniture such as yellow rosewood, this lacquered circle chair seems insignificant, and the collection value is not as good as the former, but after the designer’s processing, it has become a work of art with great ornamental and collectible value.

Another example is Shao Fan’s cocking case——

One leg and three teeth with Luo Guo Fang head case

An old one-legged three-tooth belt Luo pot cocked head case was opened, the panel was removed, and plexiglass was replaced, and in order to solve the stability of the new furniture, two plexiglass baffles were added under the plexiglass panel.

Since the panel becomes “transparent”, the viewer’s attention to the structure of one leg and three teeth increases.

For another example, 1 room in the Couple’s room –

A class of six yellow roses sits around a glass table

The most exciting example is a table of eight immortals that appeared in an exhibition of tenon and tenon structures in Beijing.

Replace the original components with transparent acrylic components, and the mortise and tenon structure display is clear and clear.

Making furniture transparent is the right way to open.

The same glass-plastic version, the same classical furniture, the same transparency, who is smarter?

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