Mitsuki Kimura wears a pink organza dress that is elegant and sweet, who is more expressive in the second generation of stars?

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After writing for many days, today we will change the topic and have something light and eye-catching. I just saw Takuya Kimura’s daughter

Mitsuki Kimura

Photo of the event, fifteen-year-old girl, wearing one

Eugenza dress in pink and green print

, fresh and sweet and good-looking.

Debuted last year and started shooting advertisements for magazines, it seems that this development direction is


。 This girl is more than 170 tall, and now it is estimated that she has grown taller. Her father, Takuya Kimura, was once a superstar all over Asia and had a huge number of fans. These fans all quite like Mitsuki and claim to be her ancestral fans.

Ren Qingjia

There was another one that attracted me in the past two days

Star II generation

, that is the daughter of Ren Dahua and Qi Qi

。 This girl is only 14 years old this year and started shooting magazines last year. Ren Qingjia’s conditions are also very good, his appearance is fresh and atmospheric, and his figure is almost 180. The fashion expression is also very good.

Let’s talk about the second generation of the top version of the entertainment industry today, and see how fashionable these little girls are.

▲ Mitsuki Kimura is mainly patted


, give the brand a platform. Because they are still too young, these two tasks are relatively simple. Mitsuki is often criticized for wearing it

Too mature

。 But there is no way around it. Big brands are basically prepared for mature women, and the little girls wear them, which is naturally old-fashioned. The picture above is where she stood for Chanel two days ago, wearing a slim dress that covers her hips, holding a burgundy bag, very mature.

But this figure is superior. The bumps are delicately curved.

▲ Mitsuki began to walk the runway this fall, which is her recent runway style for fashion week. It seems that the future direction of development is supermodeling. The expressiveness is not bad.

This sporty outfit suits her well.

▲ Guangxi’s daily private service is still based on


Lord, is what a girl of her age should have. She also wears sportswear, a blue T-shirt with dark blue sweatpants, white sneakers on her feet, and a small white coat tied around her waist.

Feel free to wear every day.

Small black tank top with denim tapered pants

, simple, stylish and refreshing. This is how the pattern of youth should be. Mitsuki Kimura’s hardware is good, coupled with the aura of his parents, there is unlimited potential for future development.

▲ Ren Dahua and Qi Qi’s daughter

is also a second-generation Xiang star, this girl is 14 years old this year, and she is almost 180. Thin and long. And this is still wearing a pair

White mid-tube socks

effect. This sock divides the leg into two parts, which shows the short leg. Even so, her legs still appear to be very long.

▲This picture is the finished picture of the studio photo above. That’s not bad. Her dress is very beautiful, a short black turtleneck dress with a small tail on one side, very fashionable.

▲Black sequined turtleneck short-sleeved top with a small umbrella skirt. On the feet are black booties.

Beautiful and cool fashionable girl

。 Hair is simple long straight hair, this soup noodle style hairstyle is very suitable for young girls.

▲ What makes me think this girl is amazing is the picture above. She attended Dior’s activities with her mother Qi Qi two days ago. Wore one

A short black and white plaid dress with a pair of black booties on her feet

The wide black waist seal at the waist can increase the waistline. It seems that the body proportions are particularly good. This black and white plaid skirt also has small tassels, which is very fashionable, and at the same time has some preppy style that cannot be ignored. It is very suitable for 14-year-old Ren Qingjia to wear.

Ren Qingjia’s style this time is good, the makeup is simple and dry, and the hairstyle is also very refreshing, which is very good-looking.

Ren Qingjia’s fashion career has developed well. I also saw her shooting magazines with Chen Feiyu today. With good conditions, coupled with the help of parents, the future is limitless.

Xu Xiwen

▲ Little S’s daughter

also debuted to shoot magazines. I found that the debut of these second-generation stars all started with shooting magazines. It is estimated that this is easier than making a TV series and making a movie. Xu Qiaoniu’s appearance is not a beautiful girl in the traditional sense, but it is more distinctive. The fashion expression is very good.

▲ Her magazine blockbusters are very cool.

There is a cool feeling of going my own way, different from Kimura Mitsuki’s maturity, and also different from Ren Qingjia’s Qingli.

Xu Qiaoniu’s aura is still relatively powerful. Long hair in thick bangs, red sweater with black gauze skirt. A very sassy little girl.

▲This all-black shape,

Handsome and flamboyant

。 The tassels on the clothes are still very domineering when flying. However, Xu Qiaoniu is in the fashion circle, that is, to pat magazines and watch the show. Her future should be dominated by film and television and variety shows. With the help of her mother Xiao S and aunt Da S, her future is also bright.

Huang Duoduo

▲The second generation of the above three stars have all debuted. The most anticipated of the second generation of stars that have not yet debuted

Huang Duoduo, daughter of Huang Lei and Sun Li

。 Huang Duoduo, who came into everyone’s sight from “Where Did Daddy Go”, is thirteen years old. The out-of-the-box is very good-looking. Pavilion is beautiful and cute. The photo above was taken with my mother, and Duoduo in a yellow top was well-behaved and agile.

▲ Don’t look at Duoduo is only thirteen years old, in


I have learned a lot. This hair color alone has changed several times, and every time it changes, it will be on the hot search. This has attracted more attention than many celebrities. Above, she walks the airport with her father, wearing a black T-shirt with jeans, and white sneakers on her feet. Wearing a black brimmed hat, it is very stylish.

In addition to fashion, Huang Duoduo is also very talented, can independently write scripts in English, and can also play the piano.

Very good little girl. See if she will enter the entertainment industry in the future.

Cindy (Sen Disc)

▲ The daughter of Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian

Sen Disc

The long ones are also beautiful. I’m also eleven years old this year. Long is especially cute and sweet. Above, a picture of her playing the violin, wearing one

White and red lace paneled dress

, very good-looking. Cute and bright.

▲ Tian Liang’s family of four has a very high appearance.

Mori is wearing the same as his brother, a white letter sweatshirt and jeans,

Simple and refreshing. See if Sen Disc will shoot a magazine or act in a play when he grows up.


▲ Lu Yi is my male god, his daughter

It is also a top star second generation. This little girl looks handsome, and her height also inherits the height of her parents. And the singing is very good. Lu Yi also did his best to cultivate his daughter. Don’t look at Belle Xiao, it is also a good look to shoot a magazine. The picture above is a photo taken for a children’s magazine, wearing

A red plaid shirt with a gray T-shirt underneath, a denim skirt, and black booties on the feet, which is quite stylish.

▲ Lu Yi’s family also has a little daughter, and the two daughters of his family look alike, both of them

Beautiful hanging

。 The little leaves are still small,

Eleven-year-old Belle is already in the style of a little girl

。 It looks good in a burgundy black dress, and there is a little elegance in the flow. I don’t know if Belle will debut in the future.

These second generation stars are really the top version, their parents are good-looking, and their careers are also developing very well. If they debut, there will be many fewer detours. Who do you like with these beautiful little girls?

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Mitsuki Kimura

Mitsuki Kimura

Mitsuki Kimura

Ren Qingjia

Ren Qingjia

Ren Qingjia

Xu Xiwen


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