MBT shoes are good, Swiss MBT men’s rocking shoes trial introduction

I believe that the importance of shoes for men is recognized by everyone, starting with a clear sentence under the foot. However, I feel more and more that men’s clothing (including shoes, of course) is really getting simpler, whether it is formal or casual wear, the style is quite simple, and not as varied as the girls. This pair of Swiss MBT rocking shoes actually gives me the same feeling, except for its special features (and its special features are basically invisible from the top down), from its front, it looks like a pair of ordinary leather shoes, is a pair of simple shape, with excellent thick leather materials, meticulous workmanship, slender lace-up leather shoes, its front upper is made of a whole piece of leather, and there is no splicing, the toe cap and heel are well shaped, and the heel is also thickened, the appearance is very elegant. Of course, the most special place of this pair of shoes is its sole, it has a curved sole shape, the middle of the sole is raised, the toe and heel parts are upturned, forming a natural curve, the material elasticity of the sole is also very good, such a design is completely different from the general shoes, so it is also called rocking shoes, and this design is still the unique design of this MBT brand, and this design is also related to sports, the following will borrow the store’s webpage for a simple introduction, and the feeling of wearing, also sell a pass, Let’s talk about it.

I believe you can see it at a glance, that is, the curved sole, and the curved curvature of the sole is still relatively large, its design is the middle sole position convex, to the tip and heel part of the curved upper wing, the middle of the sole is 4 cm thick, such a thick sole is not common in leather shoes, perhaps it is such a weird design so that only 2131 people participated in this trial, you know, this is a pair of shoes worth 1000+, don’t you agree with this pair of shoes, no, it should not be talked about, It should be that not many people know this design, and not many people know this design.

If you remove the special sole, in other ways, this pair of shoes will definitely have a lot of people, and I am the same, why, the shape of this pair of shoes is very simple, the front upper part is made of a whole piece of leather, and there is no splicing, the small round toe cap is very silky, the whole shoe is very slender, and the lace-up style is also my favorite. The texture of shoe leather is very good, the texture is very detailed, touch the leather with your hand around the laces, you can feel that the leather is very soft, the touch is very delicate, although only brown options, but this color is also one of the main colors of men’s leather shoes.

For such a pair of uppers should be accepted by everyone and the sole of the special shoes, really will unconsciously return to the sole, of course, the picture in the heel side leather printed brand logo is also very eye-catching, it is on the outside of the shoes, so as long as the pants worn are not too long can be seen, this print is really very exquisite. Going back to the sole, the transition from the thickest place in the middle to the heel has a beautiful curve, and finally to the heel position, the actual sole is already thin. This curvature is still relatively large. In the sole, the position with the dot is much softer than the other positions, which should increase the elasticity of the sole.

The upper of the Swiss MBT rocker shoes is a more common style of leather shoes, and the style is very simple, so it is of course the most common to match trousers, I chose a pair of dark trousers to line this pair of shoes, but this pair of shoes is lace-up, so it is also very good to wear jeans with it every day. I usually wear leather shoes generally choose size 39, occasionally choose size 40, this pair of shoes at the beginning I also choose size 39, after trying on the length is enough, but I feel that the sole of the foot is a little clamped, so I changed to size 40, although the length is a little longer, but the wrap of the sole of the foot is just right. The whole pair of shoes because the upper design is very simple and belongs to the slender model, so the shoes look very silky after wearing.

Swiss MBT rocking shoes due to the particularity of the sole, the sole is curved, the middle is convex, and the upper wings are curved upward to the sides, so the toe and heel are suspended after wearing, the part that lands on the ground is the position in the middle of the shoe, as long as the toe is a little harder forward, you can feel the shoe roll forward a little, and a little harder to the heel, the shoe rolls back a little bit, Yaoyao shoes, it turns out that this is how the name came from, of course, when standing, there is no need to worry that the shoes will affect the balance of my body, and when walking in this pair of shoes, There will be a feeling of bouncing and walking, maybe this is also related to the soft material mentioned earlier, and there will be no slipper heel (usually people wear leather shoes, and one side of the heel will wear out over time), because this heel is curved. In short, this feeling of wearing shoes is really different from ordinary shoes, very special.

Because the sole is very thick, more than 4 cm, so after wearing this pair of shoes, people are suddenly much taller, for me who has not worn heightened shoes (my leather shoes are generally about 2 cm thick), this feeling is also very special, a little taller is really great. I put my feet on the flower base (forgive my behavior), from the side, the shoes are really very beautiful, the design of the upper, the material of the upper, the workmanship are very good, even the picky wife thinks it is very good. Also talk about small shortcomings, the shape of the shoe is very good, this point was also mentioned earlier, the wrap on the side of the heel is thickened in order to set well, so the shoe mouth under the ankle position will feel slightly harder, and there is a little discomfort when wearing the foot against the top, of course, this situation is also common in new shoes, and it is estimated that it will improve after wearing a few more softening.

Swiss MBT rocking shoes after wearing there is also a feeling that it will make the arch of the foot stressed or land, my soles are normal, not flat feet, and because of my thin edge, I feel that the arch of the foot is more obvious, so wear ordinary shoes, I will not feel that the arch of the foot will be stressed or landed, and the thickest part of the sole of this pair of shoes can not be said to be under the bottom of the arch, but it is not too much, and after wearing it, because the heel and the tip of the shoe do not touch the ground, the actual contact with the ground is the middle position of the shoe, that is, the bottom of the arch, Therefore, I feel that the sole of the shoe will naturally press against the arch of the foot, and I feel that it is wrapped, and the arch of the foot also lands on the ground, which is really special. Because the report needs to be taken positively, this one came, as if it had nothing to do with the feeling of wearing, no way.

In fact, I am curious about the design of the soles of this pair of shoes, I think it should also be this different design so that this pair of shoes so few people apply, so, what is its design concept, it turns out that it is inspired by the uneven natural environment and vibrant walking style of the African Maasai tribe, similar to the feeling of Maasai people walking barefoot on soft land, so that city people enjoy the comfort brought by the “natural unstable” state in walking, thereby improving the strength and balance of the feet. How to say, in walking, I do feel the unique charm of this pair of shoes, that is, its exercise for the feet, feet, it requires more foot and foot strength than ordinary shoes to dominate walking, and even feel that there is also a movement effect on other parts of the body, so from this point of view, is it a functional shoe/Moreover, in the product introduction, there is also a set of sports or therapeutic activities for shoes, in which the stable muscle training I feel obvious, Others because the font in the introduction is too small, I didn’t look closely, I really hope that the store can have a GIF introduction or video introduction.

Advantages: After the trial, I personally think that the Swiss MBT rocking shoes do have a different wearing experience: 1. The upper design is simple, simple and slender. 2. The shoe material is excellent, the leather is soft and delicate, and the leather at the tip and heel are thickened and shaped. 3. Excellent workmanship of shoes. 4. Special sole, thick in the middle of the sole, thinning the upper wings to the toe and heel curve on both sides. 5. The sole has an area where the material is much softer than the ordinary sole. 6. Different from the different wearing feelings, walking is full of elasticity. 7. Standing immediately enhances muscle movement function, and can improve body balance when walking. 8. There are also exclusive functional exercises. 9. A pair of rocking shoes, different rocking shoes.

Cons: It’s a bit of a pity that only the brown option is available, and the back of the new shoe has a slight topping or grinding of the foot at the bottom of the ankle.

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