Summer shorts, wear a trendy male style

Statement shorts keep you cool all summer. The hot summer season is already sweaty from the morning, and wearing too much can easily lead to heat stroke or irritability, which seriously affects the work efficiency of the day. Therefore, cool shorts still need to be prepared in summer, and you can wear them when necessary to escape the heat. Casual sports shorts, stylish and versatile denim shorts, all kinds of styles.

Most of the boys’ pants are simple and heavy, in order not to collide with the shirt, they can only highlight the difference in small details, and the mysterious totem embroidery highlights the strong exotic emotion, making the pants look more different.

Embroidered cropped trousers

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Many people think that white is easy to get dirty so they are reluctant to choose, but everyone should have such a pair of pure white slacks in the wardrobe, wearing fresh will not be too depressive and rigid, matching clothes will look very simple and fashionable.

White paneled cropped trousers

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The uncommon pants and skirt design looks unique and full of fashion, although it is only an extra piece of cloth than the usual pants, but the irregular shape is full of interesting and unique feeling, making the pants look more three-dimensional.

Cotton fashion cropped pants

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Compared with the sunshine coolness of jeans, slacks will highlight the gentleman’s temperament, just like this plaid five-point slacks, producing a sense of déjà vu of suit pants, and a more elegant gentleman’s sense of formality.

Casual plaid cropped pants

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The camouflage pants are always reminiscent of the enthusiastic young man who fought and the spirit of fighting bravery, fashionable and full of historical heaviness. Many people will also worry about the waist when choosing pants, and this drawstring design solves this problem very well.

Stylish slim fit pants

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Slacks are not only to highlight the elegant and chic gentlemanly temperament, the sports-style casual pants still give people a feeling of sunshine and vitality, and the blue color choice will not look depressed and dull like pure black.

Sporty cropped pants

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If you want to look different, the design and care of the details are important. The two-tone woven band at the cuff is small but stands out against the pure black background.

Black cotton cropped pants

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