The plaid shirt that the entire fashion circle is wearing, how can you wear the trendy style?

Summer stripes, autumn and winter checks.

Every autumn and winter, a large number of checked items will appear in everyone’s sight, and check elements are widely used in clothing items and are an important part of the fashion circle.

I believe everyone is right

Plaid shirt

This piece is familiar and has a high photo rate all year round, and is very popular with fashion icons.

The fashion world has always affirmed the charm of plaid shirts

, but some partners feel that this plaid shirt is the first choice for straight men, and the shape created is very rustic, which boils down to wearing the plaid shirt too monotonously.

In fact, plaid shirts can be just as easy to create a trendy look, just grab the piece’s

Changes in shape, color, fabric and style

, then it is not far from the fashionable personality of the look.

First, the popular development of plaid shirts

Although check elements have been used in clothing in Scotland since the 16th century, contemporary checked shirts only became popular in the late 19th century, especially the iconic flannel plaid shirt, which was then the American working class workwear and was a very practical item.

In the mid-to-late 19th century, the long-established American brand Woolrich produced many wool checks, and the large checkered pattern was one of them, and this plaid element has been used in shirts, jackets and pants.

The 50s of the 20th century began to be a real shirt craze, whether Hawaiian shirts, striped shirts or plaid shirts were popular in fashion circles.

Since the 70s, the style of plaid shirts has diversified,

Being able to create a classic business style is also part of the street trend, and many fashion lovers of hip-hop culture will also choose this checked shirt, making it a trendy item at the time.

Today’s plaid shirt is still a very popular choice, whether it is in the student party or the star icon can see it, only those who can really wear it

The check is classic, elegant and stylish

To show it, it needs to combine the style characteristics of the shape, not to draped it on the body to become outstanding.

Second, the characteristics of plaid shirts

There are countless patterns of checks

, it is woven through different sizes and colors, often the characteristics of the plaid will also affect the style of the style, so we usually choose a plaid shirt should also pay attention to the plaid shirt

Shape and color scheme

In the check of the shirt, these four styles are adopted more:

(1) Scottish check (Tartan); (2) Buffalo Plaid; (3) Vichy check (Gingham); (4) Windowpane plaid.

Scottish check

: The Scottish check is a historical check element, originally originated in the Scottish region, the size and color of the check varies, this check has been adopted by the British royal family, and even for a period of time to represent status, is the exclusive check of the nobility. This check element has always been a classic in today’s shirts, and most luxury brands continue to use this check.

Large checkered pattern

: Large checkered shirts are popular in the United States, large squares are usually composed of two colors, the checkered is regular and orderly, since the 19th century this check has been used in a variety of clothing items, this style of shirt can create an American tough style, is also a very common shirt.

Vichy check:

The Vichy check looks similar to the large checker, but the color will be darker at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical stripes, and the depth of the shade will change in brightness, so the check looks like two colors, but in fact this check is composed of multiple colors. This check became popular in the 40s of the 20th century, and it was widely used in shirts, especially some smaller Vichy check shirts to create a business style.

Window check

: The window check is simpler, the shape of the check staggered is like a window, the color of the check can be monochrome or woven in multiple colors, so the shirt style of this check will also be diverse.

Changes in check color

The color of the plaid shirt is actually very rich, but each check change can change the overall tone of the shape and affect the overall feeling of the shape. Same base cloth color, however

Warm and cold changes in check color

Let the style have different characteristics, so you can’t be too blind in color selection or matching, you should clearly understand

The general tone of the plaid shirt

In the same style of pants, the choice and appearance of the color of the plaid shirt is very important, from the classic black and white gray to the refreshing blue and white tones, and then from the elegant earth color to the bright bright color, the styling state here will give people a different style.

Features of the fabric

In the fall and winter, the fabric of the plaid shirt will become thicker and heavier, somewhat

Lightweight, tweed-blend

Will be more popular, after all

The fabric is delicate and dense, soft and light to the touch, and has good warmth

, very suitable for use in checked shirts, the shape has become more quality.

Of course, it can also be used

Classic cotton

style, but the fabric will be higher than the weight of the summer grammage, and even add some plush materials to the plaid fabric through a composite way, so that the plaid shirt is warmer and more practical in autumn and winter.

3. How should I wear a plaid shirt?

Sometimes it’s not that the plaid shirt is very rustic, it’s actually not handled well in the matching style, whether it is the choice of style or the control of the overall style, the highlights of the shape are not shown.

In the fashion circle, all star icons will use plaid shirts to enrich their styling LOOK, creating a variety of styles, which also reflects the charm of plaid shirts, so it cannot be said that wearing a plaid shirt will look very old-fashioned,

Every classic piece will have its own fashion,

You should know how to discover its good.

Plaid shirts can be worn in one piece

Wear it solo, outerly and underneath to create more chic looks with shapes, tones and details.

In the shirt, we all will

Pay attention to changes in the placket, hem and cuffs

, the processing of this detail part will determine the success or failure of the shape, often many partners just ignore these details, so the shape becomes dull.

Wear it alone

In the early autumn season, the shape of plaid shirts worn alone is very common, and the styles are mainly long sleeves, which is very suitable for the temperature of early autumn, in fact, plaid shirts

When worn alone, the ability to match is the most tested

, Be sure to deal with the overall style of the shape when styling.

Each look is a whole, it is composed of individual pieces, it is not recommended to choose a style with bright check colors when wearing alone, but the check can not be simple, so that the shape is easy to appear stereotyped.

The style of fitting fit is generally more classic,

And the slightly loose style will look more casual, and the hem of the shirt should not be too long when worn alone,

And when matching khaki pants or jeans, pay attention to the length of the pants to minimize the effect of accumulation of wrinkles and maintain a sharp feeling.

You can choose according to the color tone of the pants

, the large check with loose dropped shoulders and the style of printing effect The fashion of the shape is better, and black pants are the safest choice,

The pattern of the check can also echo the pants,

In this way, the look becomes more holistic, and the leggings and sneakers make the look trendy.

As a coat

In autumn and winter with large temperature differences,

Plaid shirts are a great option for outfit,

It can completely replace a light jacket, after all, some shirts with the inside also have a good warmth effect, and some check patterns can also make the look richer.

Check shirts become more versatile when used outer, and are also very practical in autumn and winter, both to cope with changes in temperature, to make the look fashionable, and to reduce the condition for the body shape.

1. Plaid shirt + white T + jeans

The shape of using a plaid shirt with a white T is versatile and fashionable, and it is suitable for a wide range of people, which is a very recommended set of looks.

The simplicity and rich check of the white T create a dense contrast

, so that the overall shape has a sense of layering.

On top of cropped jeans and white T’s, you can add a variety of styles of plaid shirts, and then it is easier and fashionable to unbutton the shape, this matching style can create a youthful literary style in both men and women’s looks.

The change of clever use of buttons, if you button all the buttons to the shape will definitely need the figure and appearance to support, and the appropriate state of untying some styling will be more easygoing, and the trendy sneakers and baseball caps are the weapon of rich shape, and it is also the last process to create a fashionable look.

Many fashionistas also like to button only a few buttons on it, so that the shape will also look outstanding, loose raw jeans make the shape more personal, plus big white socks and white T echo embellishment The shape is very complete.

2. Plaid shirt + casual trousers

Some partners may think that the shape of checked shirts and casual trousers will become a business style, but as long as the shape and item matching are changed, the style can also be worn as a street trend.

Featuring a classic Vichy checked shirt paired with a pair of wide-leg trousers, the traditional casual look is perfectly broken, and the loose effect makes the look stand out, and a shoulder bag interprets the youthful and chic preppy style.

Slim-fit cropped trousers generally look casual, and the dark style can better make the overall look, plus the white T and small white shoes are simple and atmospheric, and the cuff roll-up effect also makes the shape a lot richer.

When matching khaki casual pants or cargo pants, the shape can show the literary trend, if the color of the shirt and pants are more elegant, then the color can be darker in the choice of accessories, versatile black and navy blue are good choices, and can make the shape more layered, more integrated.

3. Plaid shirt for hip-hop street style

Check shirts are also a great tool for hip-hop and rock style, especially a large plaid shirt is more popular, creating a rough and tough look.

The shape with rhubarb boots and camouflage pants is very personal, and it is a hip-hop style that was popular in the 70s of the 20th century, so plaid shirts are also often seen on hip-hop culture lovers.

The ripped jeans with personality are also full of street fashion, whether it is a white T-shirt or a black T-shirt shape is very versatile, in the fall choose the Oversize fit check shirt fabric can be thicker, so that the shape is quite wide and better.

4. Plaid shirt + sweatpants

Check shirts can also create a sporty trend, and when paired with sweatpants, they look more youthful and energetic, and they are also a favorite look for young fashion icons.

It may be difficult to control the shape of sweatpants when wearing a checked shirt alone, but there is no sense of violation with sweatpants by matching it with the outside, and the overall black and white tone of the shape will not look monotonous.

The bright check color makes the shape more outstanding, at this time it is necessary to avoid too much color, otherwise the shape is prone to too fancy effect, and the shape can be refined and perfect through local echo embellishments.

5. Plaid shirt + black piece

Colorful checked shirts and black are the safest choice, and black tones are versatile in their own right, which can be matched with pieces of various colors, and when paired with some bright colors, the look can create an eye-catching look.

There will be no dullness with a black tone look, and the contrast between black and check patterns can also create a sense of layering, and the integrity of the shape will be good, so you can try matching black pieces when you have no inspiration with a plaid shirt.

With black pieces, you can also choose a style with a small number of patterns or contrasting colors, so that the personality of the shape is more fashionable, which can create a street trend.

6. Plaid shirt + hooded sweatshirt

In addition to some light underwear, it is also fashionable to match with a hooded sweatshirt, but when the inner clothes become thicker, the shape of the shirt should be changed slightly, and the fit needs to be wider so that it will be more comfortable and decent to wear.

Layering over a hooded sweatshirt makes it easy to create layering, and you can boldly choose some bright checked shirts in the black tone to make the look more absorbent.

Make the inner layer to enrich the layered sense of shape

In the autumn and winter styling can also highlight the taste of the shape, but also can make the warmth better, check shirts can be matched with a variety of coats, shirts and coats form a layered effect plus their own rich checks, so that the layering of the shape is richer.

Also after choosing a checked shirt inside, I want to make the shape calmer, then in the choice of color can be simpler, and the shape of a black motorcycle jacket is tough and fashionable, so the style of using a plaid shirt is more changeable.

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