Comprehensive evaluation of the hottest “song god-level” microphone, JBL, Singbar, Mijia who is the ultimate cost performance

Recently, a very popular singing variety show “Endless Sound”, Lin Zixiang and Li Keqin opened their mouths as guest singers, which directly awakened my feelings for old Cantonese songs. My “song god gene” awakened.

When I was at home, I wanted to sing a few songs at any time, so I simply bought the most popular K song microphone at the moment. However, JBL, Singbar, Mijia, these microphones with such high reputation, who is the most cost-effective? Watch me break it down!

【JBL Wireless Microphone KMC300】

Everyone knows that JBL specializes in audio equipment, so the biggest feeling I have with this microphone is that the bass sound effect is very good, very low and saturated, and in general, there is no problem with the sound quality. The appearance is good, this pink should be more suitable for girls. With 10 sound effects to choose from, there are many ways to play, suitable for entertaining yourself. Bluetooth adopts version 5.0, and the connection to Bluetooth will not be disconnected at about 10 meters.

After playing for a while, I found that when using the K song software, there would be a delay in singing, and the sense of experience was affected. It is easy to spray wheat too close, or it is recommended that friends buy a special sponge cover.

【MIJIA K Song Microphone】

Mijia’s microphone is very simple overall. There is DSP technology to process 9 different K song sound effects, you can freely switch various sound effects, and there is a voice repair and bel voice function, and the sound is very natural. However, in terms of sound effects, most of the state is still very three-dimensional, if you turn the volume to a relatively loud one, you will hear some rustling noise.

In terms of experience, there are few buttons, it seems to be very simple, in fact, when you need to adjust the microphone volume and sound effect mode, you need to constantly press the middle button to switch, in order to continue to adjust, the operation is more complicated.

【Small Singing K Song Bao C20】

Everyone should have heard the singing app, right? From my uncle and aunt to my cousin who has just finished the college entrance examination, they are all playing the K song app, and they can also score and share K songs after recording them online. This microphone is owned by Singbar, which integrates singing, playing music and recording songs. In terms of sound quality, because there is a .7mm supercardioid pointing back pole head, the reception is very clear when singing, and there is basically no noise noise. It also comes with voice correction processing, but the sound repair is still very natural, the voice line is much calmer, and you can exert 10 success when singing.

Other playability is also very high, for example, it has 9 different sound effects, original sound, super reverb, singing general, folk song, popular, host, monster, shouting microphone, cartoon, when I audition, I was more satisfied with the super reverb mode, singing it has a feeling of opening live LIVE, more atmospheric. One key to cancel the original sound, instantly switch from the original song to the accompaniment, and it is very convenient to practice songs.

After the interconnection of the two microphones, the two microphones will sound at the same time, the sound quality is more three-dimensional surrounding, and the interaction between the two duets is more lively, which is much more hilarious than singing alone. At my stay-at-home party with my friends last weekend, I brought a microphone, and when the ambient lights were turned on, I instantly had the feeling of “family KTV”.

Bluetooth version 5.2, although the official said that Bluetooth is connected up to 20 meters, but I moved the microphone away from the mobile phone 25 meters when I was outdoors, and the microphone was not disconnected from the device, and it was very convenient to take it out to play.

Here’s a comparison table of the three microphones I did:

In general, JBL can be selected for professional sound quality and high requirements; In pursuit of higher cost performance, directly choose the small singing K Gebao C20, which can basically meet the requirements of “mobile KTV”, and the sound quality is even slightly better than Mijia, and the price is lower. Let’s choose according to your needs.

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