What to wear lukewarmly? Five stylish long-sleeved T-shirts to contract all the beauty of your spring

In the face of the lukewarm spring and summer seasons, what does everyone wear? It’s obviously too early to wear cool short-sleeved and suspenders, so try a long-sleeved T-shirt, which is just right to wear during the season, simple and casual and easy to match, but it’s not easy to wear it.

Do not use color, style design, cutting method to determine different style directions, so long-sleeved T-shirts, from selection to matching what should be paid attention to? Next, let’s start with the color classification of long-sleeved T-shirts and analyze how to match various types of long-sleeved T-shirts.

Top#1 solid color long sleeve T-shirt

Black, white, gray, neutral color

Neutral colors mainly refer to black, white, gray, khaki and other colors, these neutral color T-shirts are mostly versatile and simple, and any style of coat layering or personality bottoms are not at all inconsistent. At the same time, neutral colors do not have high requirements for skin tone, and will not affect skin color too much. But neutral long-sleeved T-shirts also have defects, and simply put, they are not easy to wear colorful, so

When matching these neutral colors, you need to use the outfit to create highlights

White long-sleeved T-shirt

White long-sleeved T-shirt is elegant and refreshing, different versions present different styles, loose fit casual and comfortable, not high requirements for the figure, the upper body is slightly fat can also be controlled, the general leg essence “up loose and tight” matching method, weaken the feeling of swelling brought by the loose white T-shirt. Too boring to wear in white? The clever use of colorful shoes and bags enriches the sense of color, and there is no shortage of highlights in the freshness.

Because white has a sense of expansion, tight long-sleeved T-shirts have higher requirements for the figure, which is more suitable for the body without too much fat on the upper body. Take a white T-shirt with pink and white striped pants, here the white long-sleeved T-shirt can play a good role in setting off, and the pink and white striped bottoms are the focus of the shape, beautiful and fashionable without being too high-profile.

Compared with the casual crewneck long-sleeved T-shirt, the V-neck has a more delicate sense of a small woman, inadvertently revealing the sultry collarbone and shoulder line, effortlessly showing the sexy charm of a little woman. The V-neck also has the effect of showing narrow shoulders and small face, which easily enhances the temperament and wins greatly.

Black long-sleeved T-shirt

Compared with light colors, black looks more mature and stable, and the style of different shapes is slightly different, or cool and neutral, or mysterious and sexy. The loose oversized fit is comfortable and effortless, perfect for creating a neutral look. Tight long-sleeved T-shirts pay more attention to the line of the body, suitable for hot girls with perfect upper body lines.


Black is too deep pay attention to adjust the deep feeling by matching, such as “appropriate skin exposure”, with a pair of bright boots or accessories, bags… And so on are good methods.

Gray long-sleeved T-shirt

Gray is between white and black, not extreme, neutral and mild, atmospheric and temperamental, gray long-sleeved T-shirt layered with a white undershirt, deep and light proximity color, transition natural, create a rich sense of layering, enhance three-dimensionality, wear a metallic necklace around the neck, instantly light up the ordinary black and white gray shape, the delicacy soars.

Khaki long-sleeved T-shirt

Khaki is more warm than the three neutral colors of black, white and gray, soft and intellectual, khaki is closer to skin color, if it is black and yellow skin, etc. must avoid dark khaki, show mature and old, but also easy to show dark skin, recommended choice

Light khaki with high brightness

, such as beige khaki, can reduce the effect on skin tone.

Top#2 colorful long sleeve T-shirt

Highly saturated color

The higher the saturation of the color, although it looks very pleasant and vibrant, the higher the purity of the color, the stronger the visual impact caused by people, so this kind of color notes test the skin tone temperament and dressing skills, dull skin tone wearing Xiaobai is best to avoid this similar color of long-sleeved T-shirts.

Light colors with low saturation

Compared with high-brightness and high-saturation colors, light and soft light colors are better controlled, and the “aggressiveness” of these colors that reduce brightness is also reduced, which not only makes the shape full of vitality and liveliness, but also reduces the requirements for skin tone, and soft colors are more compatible with bright and warm spring!

Printed long-sleeved T-shirt

Although the solid color T-shirt is simple but obviously not fashionable, a variety of color print designs can show a unique personality and fashionable attitude, showing a more diversified style, such as letter print T-shirt trend street, portrait print T-shirt retro art, cartoon animal print T-shirt childlike cute.

When paired with a printed long-sleeved T-shirt,

Choose a tonal piece that echoes the monogram print

, it is easier to wear a sense of premium. For example, if the print on the T-shirt is blue, then the lower body is paired with the upper blue bottom, and the upper and lower wear can be easily achieved

High degree of synergy

, fashion up! up!。

Top#3 striped long sleeve T-shirt

In addition to the solid color model, the striped long-sleeved T-shirt is the most versatile and comfortable, the stripes composed of horizontal straight lines, simple and regular beauty, and not as monotonous as solid colors, neutral style, elegant style, fresh wind… Black and white stripes are the most classic and simple, blue and white stripes are more retro navy style, red and white stripes are a little more gorgeous, the style you want it has, in addition to the color of the stripes, but also depends on the matching of the bottoms, want to create a neutral casual style, just match a set of jeans.

The colored stripes are more youthful than the black and white stripes, and the deep and light contrast stripes make the upper body full and rich. However, with striped long-sleeved T-shirts with complex colors, you should pay attention to the use of “combination of traditional and simple” to “simplify the complex”, otherwise it will also appear messy and lose its beauty.

Top#4 color-block long sleeve T-shirt

Color matching is divided into adjacent color splicing and contrast splicing, the color difference selected for contrast splicing is large, the color contrast is obvious, can give people a strong visual impact, but also more trend and personality, but the more vivid the contrast on the control of fashion needs to be. If you don’t know what color to choose? You can pick the basic black and white color contrast first, which is easy to control and can reduce the chance of wearing errors.

The greater the color contrast, the stronger the style, and it is easier to highlight the personality, suitable for sisters with open personalities. When wearing a contrasting paneled T-shirt, be sure to consider the harmony of the shape, so choose

Echo that

It is easier to achieve color harmony and beauty.

Top#5 Knocked out long-sleeved T-shirts

Make a small “hollowed-out” design on the long T-shirt, subtly show the skin, cool and fashionable, but not at all revealing vulgarity, through “appropriate skin exposure” in a second to say goodbye to the deep stuffiness, increase the sense of play. Hollowing out in different positions and shapes will present different appearances, and “hollowing out” in the stomach will subtly enhance visual focus, appearing thin and tall.

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