Handmade wool knitting baby tiger head woolen shoes detailed tutorial, what a tiger and tiger life

Weaving tutorial for kids warm woolen shoes

8 stitches from the sole without adding or subtracting one line of lower needles, one line of upper needles. (I use acrylic thread No. 13 steel needle, my hand is slightly tight), the third row begins to add needles, the first needle is picked down without knitting, twisted on each side and added 1 needle, add a total of 16 stitches (2-1-4), 16 needles continue to knit washboard needles without adding or decreasing, knitting a total of 26 washboard bumps. After 26 washboard bumps, start to collect the needles, 1 stitch (2-1-4) on each side, and the remaining 8 stitches are put down with something to wear, and the sole is completed.

The sole in turn begins to pick needles, and 1 needle in one braid. A total of 66 needles were picked. On one side of the sole is a braid, the needle picked is above the sole, and the washboard needle 6 rows of pimple needles stop.

Start knitting the toe, 15 stitches on the toe and 4 washboard needles, stitching the sides from the front.

46 stitches for the neck and 30 rows of single threads.

Now knit the toe cap 8 needles, the thread end is longer (there is still useful later), the side needle is picked down without weaving, add needles on both sides (2-1-5), add enough 18 stitches, and then knit 2 rows without adding or subtracting into 9 stitches + 9 stitches, a 9 stitches without adding or subtracting two rows, and then start to collect the remaining 1 stitch. (pictured below) The upper is knitted, and the toe cap is put on with the thread left behind, and the toe cap is contracted to fix the toe.

Use yellow thread to embroider the nose into a peach shape, and then use white thread to embroider the eyes, which should be a little curved. Then use black thread to embroider the eyeballs, black thread to press part of the white thread, the eyeballs are embroidered, and then embroidered eyebrows and king characters. Hook a circle of dog teeth with a crochet needle, leaving the thread end about 50 cm (useful). Sew the upper with the thread left. The thread cannot be broken yet. Sew the beard on.

Hook on the laces, beautiful.

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