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China’s more mature soap brands currently have Libai, Diao Brand, Liushen, etc., in addition to these larger soap brands, there are also a number of small handmade soap brands in the Internet consumption model. The trademark design of soap in China has developed to the present qualitative leap, first of all

The procedures for trademark design are gradually standardized


Design techniques are becoming more and more diverse, and the expression methods and design forms are different

, and more importantly

The design concept becomes mature and more culturally valuable

Today, Yuzuma will take you to understand the packaging design of domestic soap from three aspects: pattern design, decorative font and packaging material modeling

, and other good-looking packaging designs are also welcome to share with Yuzu Mama~

Today’s soap packaging style is more free and diverse, some fresh, some fashionable, some gorgeous, soap packaging pattern design according to the content can be divided into the following types:

Plant animal decoration patterns, cartoon image decoration patterns, traditional element decorative patterns.

1. Plant and animal decoration patterns

80s of the last century

As China opened its doors, people’s aesthetics were influenced by Western culture.

Realistic decorative patterns of plants and animals are very popular

, for example, the rose pattern on the packaging of “Jiali” brand soap is full of color like an oil painting, and the white cat head on the “White Cat” brand soap is lifelike.

“Beauty” brand soap

“White Cat” brand soap

The impact of foreign capital in the 90s prompted domestic designers to rethink the meaning of design, and this period coincided with the trend of computer design, and a large number of packaging designs began to get rid of the hand-drawn method

The decorative pattern moved from realistic style to vector style

, until now, the pattern has been expressed

Hand-drawn illustration, computer illustration, camera imaging, etc

, different design techniques are okay

Mixed use

, packaging design becomes diversified.

Some established companies usually love to use electronic imaging technology, one can save design costs, and the other is that realistic visual effects can give consumers the most intuitive product impression

, “Six Gods” soap packaging design elements are very unified, forming a complete series, the corresponding plant photos are placed outside the graphics, and the whole set of design uses fresh colors and has a spring-like atmosphere.

“Six Gods” soap

2. Cartoon image decoration pattern

Cartoon is a form of artistic expression, it first appeared in Europe in the seventeenth century, at that time was defined as “humorous caricature”, China’s earliest cartoon image, generally considered to be the “Sanmao” created by Zhang Leping in the 30s of the last century. After entering the new century,

Computer design technology has gradually matured, the expression of cartoon images has become more and more diverse, and the fields that can be used are constantly expanding

For example, modern business began to combine brands with cartoon images, and the more typical cartoon characters in China are the “Haier Brothers” launched by Haier Group.

There are two kinds of cartoon images in soap packaging, animals and characters, and are often used in children’s packaging, with cute and childlike shapes

, for example, the “Frog Prince” laundry soap packaging is a little frog wearing diapers, the little frog is drawn with 3D technology, so it is particularly flexible, and its expressions and movements are completely human children; “Deqi” brand baby laundry soap uses cartoon characters as decorative patterns, and Xiaotian on the packaging is portrayed with simple and smooth lines, and his pure, kind expression conveys the excellent quality of soap that is natural and harmless.

“Frog Prince” laundry soap

“Deciy” brand baby laundry soap

3. Traditional element decorative patterns

The use of traditional elements as decorative motifs is not to reproduce their original appearance, but to reproduce them

Through technology and craftsmanship, the classic and modern are combined in order to better inherit China’s excellent traditional culture.

Some soap brands that pay attention to cultural heritage often use traditional elements and decorative patterns, including many excellent design cases.

For example, the gold leaf handmade soap launched by the Forbidden City, there are four types of packaging, each packaging color and flower plants are different, but they can be spliced together to form a complete floral picture, the four flowers are taken from the collection of the Palace Museum, the plum blossom pattern comes from the Qing Dynasty Zou Yigui’s “Flower Book”, the magnolia pattern comes from the Qing Dynasty Yu Chou’s “Flower and Bird Diagram”, the peony pattern comes from the Ming Dynasty red peony pattern disc, the narcissus pattern is from the Ming Dynasty red daffodil disc, these patterns are re-depicted through watercolor techniques, The flower bowl plant in the artwork is revitalized.

Forbidden City gold leaf handmade soap

There are two types of text in soap packaging, one is decorative text and the other is descriptive text,

Explanatory text needs to convey product information to consumers, so most of them are mainly printed in black and Song font

, easy for people to identify and remember. Decorative text usually has a special design style,

At present, the decorative text in soap packaging has three expressive characteristics: image characteristics, modern characteristics, and image characteristics.

1. Image characteristics

The so-called image font refers to the design of the font contains emotions and imagination, that is, the “image” of “meaning”, and the status of symbolic text design can be described as pivotal.

The image font mainly adopts the expression form of calligraphy brush, which combines calligraphy with modern design thinking, giving the font high artistic value.

Like “Ben Foam Soap” Zen series handmade soap packaging “Zen Series” three words are flowing and delicate, with a strong freehand beauty, which complements the elegant plant illustrations in the packaging.

“Ben Foam Soap” Zen series handmade soap

2. Modern features

In order to meet the aesthetic psychology of consumers and be close to people’s living and consumption habits, modern soap packaging will choose decorative fonts with modern atmosphere

, this type of font is most common in packaging design. The packaging design of “Manting” brand green pepper soap is simple and elegant, and its decorative font “green pepper” is slender, slender and light in stroke, which is consistent with the packaging style. “Purple Baby Fang” children’s soap needs to convey to consumers the natural and harmless quality of the product, so its packaging design should highlight the natural, cute characteristics, the packaging of the “nascent plant healing” font each stroke is rounded treatment, the glyph is short and warm, the “department” character is also decorated with a small flower, this detail processing makes the decorative font more interesting.

“Manting” brand green pepper soap

“Purple Baby Workshop” children’s soap

3. Image characteristics

Image font is a combination of object image and glyph, which is both text and decorative pattern.

As a visual symbol, image decorative text has strong creativity,

It can not only match the theme content to be conveyed by the packaging, but also enhance the artistic expression of packaging design and attract the attention of consumers.

“Nanjing” brand bamboo charcoal soap packaging design. The word “Nanjing” combines the ancient city wall of Nanjing with the small seal shape of “Nanjing”, clearly showing the ancient charm and urban characteristics of the packaging, and deepening the brand memory of consumers.

“Nanjing” brand bamboo charcoal soap

At present, the materials used in soap packaging are paper, iron, plastic, wood, cloth, etc., and the packaging shape is rectangular, square, round, simulation shape, special-shaped, etc., which can be described as diverse.

Different materials and shapes will bring consumers different sensory experiences and meet people’s pursuit of freshness.

1. Material

Carton has been used in soap packaging design since the 50s of the 20th century.

Nowadays, nearly seventy percent of domestic high-end soap brands use carton packaging

, there is a single bar of soap packaging, and a gift box package with multiple soap combinations. For example, “Bee Flower” brand sandalwood soap also launched a gift box, a box of 4 soaps, the outermost part of the package is a “belt” with a gold edge, printed with the Chinese name “Bee & flower brand sandal wood soap” and the foreign name “BEE & FLOWER BRAND SANDAL WOOD SOAP”, and also indicate some product specifications. The folded instruction manual crosses vertically in the shape of a cross with the “belt”, and a plum-shaped gold sealing paper is affixed to the top, and the logo is printed using concave and convex technology.

“Bee Flower” brand sandalwood soap gift box

Nowadays, domestic designers pay attention to the phenomenon of excessive packaging, and the simple material and structure of packaging paper just in line with the trend of green design, so the number of such packaging is gradually increasing.

“Shenghe” brand wormwood laundry soap packaging uses kraft paper as the material, kraft paper itself is light brown, with black thin line outlined wormwood pattern, creating a simple and natural temperament of the product, and finally the sticker printed with the product name and introduction is pasted on the front of the package, this packaging color is elegant, the style is simple, perfectly interpreting the natural characteristics of handmade soap.

“Shenghe” brand wormwood laundry soap

Plastic is another major material in addition to paper, which is mostly used by some old domestic soap companies

, such as Naess company’s Naess, carved brand, super energy and other soap brands, the packaging style of these soap brands are extremely similar.

Due to the large pollution of plastics to the environment, in order to develop green environmental protection, domestic and foreign soap products have rarely used plastic as packaging materials.

Branded laundry soap

2. Styling

The shape of soap packaging is generally more regular, mainly rectangular and square, and occasionally has novel special-shaped structures.

Carton packaging mostly presents a square shape style, and there are many packaging structures.

Special-shaped packaging is closely related to the characteristics of the product itself, and the fun of this design style is more prominent, bringing consumers novel visual effects.

“Yao Xiangtang” brand almond coconut milk grinding soap is packaged in a small round iron box. “Shanghai Gift” brand xiaolongbao handmade soap, this soap looks like a xiaolongbao, so its packaging is designed to look like a cage drawer, bamboo cage drawer can not only play the function of packaging, but also as a soap dish in daily use, the outside of the cage drawer is printed with a sticker printed with the product logo and introduction. “Hanxuan Materia Medica” brand cheese soap, the packaging is designed according to the appearance of soap, is designed in a triangular carton style, the yellow carton is decorated with a white circular pattern, the whole package looks like a piece of cheese.

“Yao Xiangtang” brand almond coconut milk grinding soap

“Shanghai Gift” brand xiaolongbao handmade soap

“Hanxuan Materia Medica” brand cheese soap

Entering the 21st century,

The focus of design has shifted from visual aesthetic value to thinking value, that is, focusing on the spirit and meaning behind the design work

, packaging design is of course also deeply affected. Modern packaging design involves many fields, including cutting-edge technology, unique culture, aesthetic art and popular psychology, etc., and these fields have been researching and innovating.

The style of packaging design has also changed subtly.

1. Minimalist style

Minimalism, also known as reductionism, is characterized by an aesthetically pursuit of extremely simple design styles. This type of packaging follows the design concept of “less is more”, pays attention to the texture of the packaging, and creates a unified visual brand image, so that the brand can quickly integrate into the international market.

The color is more elegant, the decoration is less, usually the simplest and most basic expression methods are used, clearly conveying product information, fully showing the simple beauty of “less is more” and green environmental beauty.

“Manting” brand soap packaging has a clear minimalist design style, white carton packaging printed with the “Manting” logo, the middle of the front of the package has a red and white cross decoration case, the outside is a red rectangular wire frame, and the blue text in it to form a color contrast, the front of the package has a Chinese and English contrast soap introduction, bold text makes the layout fresh and tidy, the whole package is full of simple and generous beauty.

“Manting” brand soap

2. The trend of people-oriented is becoming increasingly obvious

Packaging design that only focuses on visual effects can no longer meet the needs of consumers’ spirit.

Packaging with humanistic care value can shorten the distance between people and give consumers comfort to their hearts.

Over the years, this type of packaging design has gradually increased, and they use various expressions to convey warmth, such as:

Care for consumers through packaging graphics and copywriting, or design the packaging structure to be more convenient for consumers.

“Shenghe” washing brand is committed to telling the brand story to consumers, the founder of Shenghe soap liquid Guo Fushun is affectionately called “daddy”, the birth of his little granddaughter made him germinate the idea of making his own washing products, so for the product he insists on not using raw materials with questionable safety, and also insists on not over-packaging, pursuing the degradability of packaging. It is precisely because of this design concept that the packaging design of raw soap is extremely simple, such as “Shenghe” wormwood bath soap, its packaging is made of pulp box, the texture is slightly rough to the touch, the pulp box is covered with a white waist seal, only printed with italics “wormwood bath soap” and slim and simple wormwood pattern, this simple packaging design brings consumers a sense of security.

“Raw” wormwood bath soap

3. Localization and nationalization go hand in hand

China has a long history and culture, and there have been batches

Soap packaging design works with unique Chinese charm are all assets worthy of reference by designers.

At the same time, traditional design cannot stand still,

The internationalization of packaging design is a necessary trend to open up the market

Therefore, under the collision of local and international styles, some soap packaging design works with both traditional charm and fashion flavor were born.

For example, “Dorado Shang” and “Uncle of the same way” jointly launched the 12 constellation cleansing soap packaging, the iron box texture of the packaging is printed with the 12 constellation vector illustration pattern designed by the same uncle, but in the layout can clearly identify the characteristics of soap packaging in the Republic of China, such as the main visual image placed in the center circle of the picture, which is a typical Republican typesetting style, as well as a variety of Republican decorative patterns, and the text on the left and right of the picture also adopts the traditional top-to-bottom arrangement. This combination of traditional design elements and modern illustration techniques is very popular today.

“Dorado Shang” and “Uncle of the same way” joint model

The most important function of soap packaging is in addition to:


In addition, it is also possible

Prevent soap from being scratched, bruised or contaminated during transport from contact with the outside environment

, also available

Relative increase retention period

Which is your favorite packaging design shared today? Welcome to leave a message to Yuzuma in the comment area!

It is expected that China’s soap packaging design will have greater breakthroughs in the future, and on the basis of inheriting traditional culture and art, it will be innovatively designed, so as to create a unique and exclusive design style with Chinese characteristics, and let Chinese “soap” go to the world!

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