Lamp decoration | Wall lamps create the atmosphere of the space

Wall lamp is an auxiliary lighting decorative fixture installed on the indoor wall, wall lamp is not a necessary lighting fixture in the space, but for the wall, it is an extremely important design element. Taking the monotonous wall as an opportunity, through the creative and changeable wall lamp design, a diversified space display is constructed in a unique way, so that the space presents a rich sense of beauty and visual effects. While enriching the spatial level, it creates a progressive fashion connotation.

Wall lamps have a history of thousands of years in China, and people in the Eastern Han Dynasty have the habit of hanging lanterns on the wall, but strictly speaking, lanterns belong to hand-held lanterns can not be regarded as wall lamps, to the Tang and Song Dynasties, you can find paintings, especially murals often have maids holding candlesticks or lighting scenes, in some brick chamber tombs, often found in the tomb wall of the lamp, it can be seen that this period has a real sense of wall lamp use.

European lamps with gorgeous decoration, strong color, exquisite shape to achieve the graceful and magnificent, magnificent European court effect, pay attention to lines, shape and color carving, but also artificial rust, dark paint and other deliberately create a distressed effect, giving people a visual classical feeling. European-style wall lamps are often used in the decoration of star hotels, high-end clubs and villas to reflect the grace and luxury of the aristocratic atmosphere.

European wall lamps originated from the decorative application of European royalty, after the reform and opening up, domestic lamp decoration has been developed, Chinese and Western lamps collide, wall lamps have also appeared some half-ocean strange shapes. Wall lamps are also evolving with the development of the times, continuous transformation and progress, today’s wall lamps with their exquisite craftsmanship and gorgeous shape to attract people’s attention and inheritance, for the pursuit of landscape artistic conception of modern people, play a role in the icing on the cake.

Wall lamps are mostly used in balconies, stairs, corridors and other spaces, suitable for long lights. The main functional structure of the wall lamp is the lamp holder, lamp pole, lampshade, and the decoration has various variations of lines, shapes, colors and additional patterns and shapes. The illumination of the wall lamp should not be too large, the bulb power is about 15-40 watts, the use of diffuse material lampshades with low surface brightness can shape a simple, elegant, deep space charm, more artistic appeal.

Wall lamp is a way to create a space atmosphere, the color of the light is like a layer of clothing for the space, with a variety of lamps such as ceiling lights, wall lamps and floor lamps to match each other, wall lamps will provide more diversified light changes for the space, light is the catalyst of space, can strengthen the texture of the existing decoration and the layering of the space. Good lighting design can make a space unique, and mediocre lighting design will appear bland.

Wall lamps usually play the role of auxiliary lighting, just as a supporting role, silently standing in the wall, blooming their own charm. The light is elegant and harmonious, which can decorate the environment elegantly and richly, and has both practicality and decoration, which can not only illuminate the space, but also be used as decoration to decorate the space. The wall lamp is an important symbol of cultural heritage, an excellent interior decoration element, and also highlights the artistic and fashionable atmosphere.

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