Computer stuttering? Try these few ways to clean up the ash to ensure that you will not overturn

Recently in the bad review office, everyone has taken it seriously

” Desktop Cleaner Master “

It’s not a whim, the main thing is that everyone’s work station is chaotic, and even the aunts who come to clean every day can’t stand it, and from time to time there will be

“What was left on the table was disposed of as garbage by the aunt”

The tragedy…

Given that several colleagues have already felt the “kindness” of their aunt, there is really no way, and everyone can only be forced to start tidying up their workstations.

Everyone starts with the computer that takes up the most desktop space.

Originally, the standard equipment on the editors’ desktops was a host chassis, a horizontal main display and a vertical secondary screen.

In order to save space, everyone has replaced their computer mainframes with notebooks or small cases, so that not only the table becomes larger, but also the work is particularly refreshing.

And Xiao Heichu, who has never sorted out the desktop, simply finished the Mac and replaced the original desktop host.

But this method does not seem to have any effect on the chaotic desktop like him, which has been invaded by unknown creatures…

Having said that, Little Black Fat finally replaced the host that had accompanied him for 5 years and was older than Tony’s seniority, and retired honorably.

Yes, at least more than half of the articles you see on the public account every day are coded out on this computer…

In order to make this one

“Host 1”

Being able to eat ash better in the warehouse, Little Black Fat and Tony are ready to clean it up.

If your computer also encounters it from time to time

Crash, blue screen, fan whirring

If you can’t check the cause of these problems, it means that it’s time to open the box and clean the ash.

Tony recorded the cleaning process, if you also need to clean the computer but don’t know how to do it, you can do it together.

Desktop host cleaning

Saying goes:

“If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools”

, don’t look at the computer dust cleaning is small, but not sloppy at all, if you don’t use the right tools, some places are quite difficult to clean up.

Tony prepared these tools before cleaning up his computer

These common tools can be found at home, like the vacuum cleaner we usually use, in fact, not only can clean the floor, but also deal with the host chassis is simply handy.

After preparing the tools, first we open the side panels of the main unit.

Generally, the two screws on the side of the host chassis can be unscrewed directly by hand, and then pushed the side panel to open.

Originally, Tony opened this computer with the mood of five years of aging, but found that there seemed to be not so many “treasures” inside, and he was a little disappointed.

In the case of relatively little dust, in fact, we can not remove the parts in the chassis, we only need to grab a few key nodes to clean up.

But before cleaning up, Tony still suggests that everyone better take a few more photos with their mobile phones, in case they touch any interface when cleaning up, they can also know how to install it back.

The first place that is easy to hide dirt is the dust net of the host.

As the name suggests, the dust screen is used to prevent dust from entering the chassis, so a lot of old ash will generally accumulate here…

The best way to deal with this dust is to directly greet the vacuum cleaner and see the results immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, it’s okay to remove the dust screen and clean it, that is, be sure to dry it when you put it back.

The second dust accumulation point is the various fans on the host.

The fans in the chassis can be roughly divided into these three categories,

CPU air-cooled heatsink, graphics card fan


Chassis fans

Since the blades of the fans are all vortex-shaped, it is difficult to clean up.

At this time, the cotton swab is of great use, directly extend it between the blades, and turn it to turn the ash out.

The heat sink of the CPU cooler, the cotton swab may not be able to reach in, at this time it is necessary to use air blowing to deal with it.

The dust on the heat sink, if you encounter negative stubbornness, you can’t deal with it with air blowing, Tony recommends removing the CPU cooler from the host and washing it.

However, it should be noted here that you must not put the entire radiator into the faucet to flush, but disassemble the part of the heat sink that is washed separately.

Correct demonstration ▼

Although it is fun to spin the water against the fan, after flushing, there is a risk of water ingress on the motor and the shaft may rust.

Error Demonstration ▼

By the way, if your computer sometimes does not turn on, accompanied by a beep sound, it is likely that the gold finger on the memory has oxidized.

The cleaning of the memory stick is also very simple, use the eraser to wipe the part of the metal piece and polish it.

However, when inserting the memory stick, pay attention to it, you must hear the “click” sound on both sides of the buckle, before it is plugged in, otherwise it may be plugged backwards or not plugged tightly.

All that’s left is some easy to deal with dust, which can be done with a paper towel or dry rag.

After cleaning up the visible dust, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust scattered in the chassis, and you are basically alive.

Laptop cleaning

Next, let’s talk about how the notebook should be dusted.

Compared with desktop computers, notebook components are more delicate and relatively troublesome to handle, but the general process is still the same.

If your notebook is old, first we need to remove the external battery from the notebook.

Then put the D-side of the laptop

( Back cover )

The screws are unscrewed and placed in position to prevent omissions.

This step is still quite important, because some laptops may have different screw lengths, and if they are installed incorrectly, they may not be able to be tightened to the end.

If you can’t find the nut on the D side, it may also be that the manufacturer hid the screw under the mat.

Then we need to find a hard card and pry open the buckle of the back shell little by little.

Note that you can’t be in a hurry when doing this step, you must take your time, otherwise there is a high risk of breaking the buckle…

After removing the back cover, you can see what the inside of the notebook looks like.

As with desktops, the fan part is processed first, and the ash is blown out with air blowing first.

Then vacuum the dust from other places.

Further down the notebook motherboard, Tony actually doesn’t really recommend taking it apart to clean up.

First, the internal structure of each notebook is different, if you are not familiar with it, it is easy to overturn if you accidentally disassemble it.

Second, in fact, lift the back cover, clean up the dust that can be seen, do not block the heat dissipation, has completed the purpose, there is no need to go deeper, increase the risk.

In addition to the inside, on the notebook, there is another place that needs to be cleaned the most, and that is the keyboard.

Laptop keyboards are a great place for bacteria, oil, hair, and other dirty things to gather.

Imagine you’ve just finished your takeout and before you can wash your hands, your friend asks if you want to open the dark.

Can you wait in this case? Obviously, he can’t wait, and the oiler who has just nibbled on the chicken feet must greet directly to the keyboard.

Over time, the keyboard is coated with a plate…

For this case, Tony strongly recommends that everyone use a name

” Keyboard Cleaning Mud ”

Something to clean up.

This thing is a bit similar to the plasticine we played with as children, but it is stickier than it, and the texture is a bit like glutinous rice dumplings.

It easily sticks things out of the cracks of the keyboard without residue.

However, the longer this thing is left out, the less sticky it becomes, and it is not so good to use when I just bought it.

In general, cleaning the computer is not as difficult as imagined, and if you are well prepared, it will be as skilled as sweeping the floor and wiping the table in a few times.

In fact, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, they all accompany us every day

Study, work, play


In the process of use, it is definitely needed

Care, maintenance

Clean up regularly

Just like this host that has accompanied Xiao Hei for five years, although he didn’t say it, depending on the cleanliness of the chassis, he should be cleaning it regularly.

No wonder he writes so fast every time!


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