Purple tight long sleeves with ripped jeans, fashionable and sexy slim, good looking and not tacky

There is a saying that is very good, “women can not look beautiful, but they must live beautifully”, the facial features are innate, except for plastic surgery, there is no way to change, but we can live beautifully through hard work. Xiaobai believes that if you want to live beautifully, you must first dress beautifully. A fashionable, elegant, delicate and generous outfit can highlight the extraordinary temperament, which is more attractive than looking beautiful.

From March, we must pay attention to avoid monotony and boring, and it is no longer suitable for wearing dark colors and monotonous pieces. When matching, color matching and style should pay attention to the sense of layering and design, so that we can completely get rid of the dull monotony of winter. In fact, you don’t need too bright colors, like light purple and light blue are very good.

The outfit shared today is a combination of light blue high-waisted ripped jeans and light purple tight long sleeves, this outfit shows the figure, but why it can have such a good slimming effect, it is estimated that many people do not know. Everyone knows that slender, curvy women are more popular, but this has a lot to do with the way we match. I recommend that you choose a slightly tight outfit, and grasp the key points, and show your body with a little face by highlighting the key points.

Whether you like to wear tight pants or loose pants, I recommend choosing a high-waist design as much as possible, Xiaobai feels that the waist plays a crucial role in the slimming effect of a pair of pants. If the waist of the trousers is relatively low, it will cause the waist line to move down, and you will accidentally wear a five-to-five waist ratio, in that case, it is really not beautiful at all.

High-waisted pants raise the waistline and stretch the length of the lower body to maximize body proportions. The dress of the little sister in the picture gives us a good demonstration, her figure is relatively slim, but it is also a normal person’s waist ratio, but this outfit gives people the visual effect of the golden ratio, mainly because she has done two aspects of work.

The first is to use the method of color division to optimize the proportion of the body, the upper body is a light purple tight long sleeves, the lower body of ripped jeans is light blue, the contrast between the two colors is obvious, and she also knotted the corners of the top, so that the waist is not covered by clothes, so that the two colors of light purple and light blue have a vacuum at the waist position, and the division is very clear and clear.

The second is to optimize the proportion of the body by the method of shape division, and the combination of short top + high-waist pants is the only choice to optimize the waist ratio. Although the blogger’s light purple long sleeves are not short, the knotted corners are equivalent to the short style in effect. The lower body is matched with a standard high-waisted pants, and the waist naturally looks much better.

The blogger’s watches and bags are very small and exquisite, but the earrings and booties are more domineering, and the two diametrically opposite jewelry are used on a person, fusing the two contradictory temperaments together, so when seeing the blogger’s outfit, different people have different feelings, some people think she is the little sister next door, and some people think she is a domineering royal sister, I don’t know what everyone thinks.

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