No matter how many mobile phones and tablets you have, one data cable is enough – Kafele drags three data cables

With the improvement of living standards, the development of smart phones, now people have more and more electronic devices in their hands, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, charging treasures, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, etc., for people who often travel, often need to bring multiple data charging cables, and now the charging port of the mobile phone is not unified, Micro-USB, Type-C and Apple’s lighting interface, so now the market has emerged a tow three data charging line.

Thank you for asking me for today’s evaluation product provided by the product evaluation platform – Cafele One Tow Three Data Charging Cable.

Cafele One to Three Kindergarten has four colors: black, red, white and gold, and I got black and red, after all, black and red are very classic.

The little partner who just saw it may have questions, why is the line so short, is it easy to use?

Don’t worry, this one-to-three data cable is retractable and supports 5 levels of adjustment of 30, 50, 70, 90, 130cm.

The line body adopts noodle line design and TPE material, which has the advantage of pulling resistance, easy shrinkage, and not easy to wind.

Curved design at both ends for easy force and clamping when stretching.

The workmanship in the details is worthy of recognition.

It should be noted that it should be stretched at the same time when using, and the sticker on it also has tips, but I tried not to stretch at the same time, so it is recommended to listen to the tips.

It’s cute and portable when shrunk.

The joint is made of aluminum alloy, sandblasting and high-gloss technology, which is not easy to rust. The interface is also marked, Android’s Micro, Type-C USB only supports charging, while Apple supports charging and data transmission.

It is fully stretched up to 130cm, so if used in a car, it is convenient for passengers sitting in the back seat.

Supports charging up to three devices at the same time. However, the Xiaomi Mi 6 failed to recognize the fast charge with the original charging head, which is a slight pity.

I used my white tail to test the charging of the Cafele one-to-three data cable, and the data of charging three devices and charging one device alone at the same time did not change much, basically around 5V and 1.5A, and the charging process was relatively stable.

To sum up, this Cafele one-to-three data charging cable has a high value, portable and easy to store, telescopic design application scenarios are extensive, material, process selection, although the current one-to-three data cable only supports Apple device data transmission, but as far as my personal daily data transmission, wireless more than wired, so the impact is limited, after reading my review I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this data cable, thanks for reading!

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