Winter commute can copy these nine sets, the single product is basic, complete in style, simple and easy to use

Don’t waste brain cells on winter commuting clothes! Today I will give you benefits, nine sets of styles suitable for daily commuting for everyone to choose, the basics of the piece, the style is changeable, each set of looks is simple and easy to use, even if the brain is down in the morning, it will not let you die.

Combination one; Stand collar cropped down jacket with black straight-leg trousers

The simple and delicate small stand-up collar down jacket bodice can both maintain temperature and define the figure, and the versatile and timeless slim fit can also change the overall style with the color and shape of the lining piece, especially suitable for low-key beauty.

With pure black straight pants, it presents the visual effect of legs below the belly, and the effect of girls with five-and-five figures is particularly outstanding, and the little sister who is not straight can also feel the happiness of straight legs!

Combination 2: silhouette coat + mop trousers

The blogger’s three-layered outfit is something I really like. The fake two-piece sweater is paired with a plain white shirt, and the loose fit is paired with a very professional shirt style, and the upper body works very well.

Wear a silhouette suit, warm and atmospheric, cover the flesh and show the thin while showing the fierce style, even with lazy trousers, the whole will not make people feel depressed and uncomfortable.

Combination 3: Indentation down jacket + split jeans

This set of looks is more recommended to dress without much recognition of the young ladies to choose, with it, we can use the color of the down jacket to increase the sense of presence and can use the split jeans fit to enhance the overall beauty, double help, fashionable and foreign.

However, this mop split trousers is not suitable for small girls, if you really like it, you can replace the low-cut small leather shoes with pointed heeled ankle boots, wide pant legs and tight collars, sassy and capable.

Combination 4: Silver down jacket + black sweatpants

Suitable for daily commuting, not only black, white and gray, but also high-end colors to highlight your presence.

In addition to the glossy silver gray, you can also try the same different colors of vintage orange and Klein blue. Pure black sweatpants can be worn for commuting, daily outings and at home, so everyone can use them.

It allows you to solve your outfit effortlessly in three minutes, and you are never late to go out.

Combination 5: collarless down jacket + straight cropped pants

We must not forget the most basic competence in commuting outfits, in order to make a good impression on the leaders, a simple style suit must be arranged!

It is recommended that you choose a down jacket with these two characteristics:

The collarless and indented print design is the same style, light and smart and warm;

The down jacket with light color and slim style coexists is simple and personal, and the upper body effect is very professional.

Combination 6: Fur integrated cotton suit + mopping wide-leg pants

If you want a more fashionable overall effect, you can replace the collarless down jacket with a cotton suit with fur, and in terms of warmth, it is not inferior to any other cotton clothing.

If you are afraid that others will say that your style is not professional, you can also choose a thick knitted sweater, it will not be cold to wear alone indoors, and you will not be worn with mopping wide-leg pants, and you will not be worn small shoes.

Pack 7: Fur cotton jacket with red trousers

This set of styling we take a light luxury style, going to work and from work in two states, giving people a sense of déjà vu that they are ready to leave work anytime and anywhere, but will not be discovered by the boss.

A high-profile jacket with a variety of low-profile linings is the perfect solution, and with red trousers to escort us, even if we can only choose one of the basic black, white and gray lines, it will not emo.

Set 8: Leather jacket cotton jacket + mop suit pants

In this look, we take a neutral royal sister style, and tight pieces that do not modify the figure can still make people feel your graceful figure. At this time, thicker mopping suit pants appear.

With a full sense of drape, it is combined with the visual effect of supporting the body, which can make you become a delicate beauty in seconds, and no one can guess what kind of circumference legs are under these trousers, which hangs people’s appetite.

Set 9: Lingge indentation down jacket + high-waisted skirt

The style of this look is low-key and daily, very practical and inclusive.

In terms of color, the overall brown tone can be adapted to a variety of atmospheres, and cubicles, pantries, and conference rooms can all be easily integrated into them.

In terms of fit, light down increases the three-dimensional effect, skirt + black fleece leggings increase the sense of layering, rules and style, light mature beautiful girls are a must.

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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