Will you really wear this piece from this year’s fire?

When Bottega Veneta first launched her quilted cotton piece, I was very resistant. I always feel that this kind of texture should be silently stayed on household items such as bed linen and quilt covers, and must not be paired with high street fashion.

Unexpectedly, the moment I saw the real thing, it was immediately really fragrant.

Speaking of which, this technique of sewing quilts is not the first time it has been applied to fashion items. The classic Chanel 2.55 handbag is the bold innovation of fashion pioneer Chanel in the quilting process, and has since influenced the design of countless bags.

Exactly 63 years after the birth of Chanel 2.55, Daniel Lee’s first season at Bottega Veneta, groundbreaking the technology of quilting, perfectly combined with high street ready-to-wear, allowing us to interpret the beauty of this craft from a new perspective.

All of a sudden, the design of quilting, from the scraps of the fashion circle, has become the ubiquitous popular fried chicken.

Shirts & vests

In the autumn and winter of the last two years, quilting pieces can be seen everywhere, from Fendi to Chloe to Alexander McQueen.

Even so, it’s rare for someone like BV to take a shirt. The cotton-paneled silk shirt he launched when he first took office, on top of the gentle texture of cotton and linen, is a silk shiny and incomparably satisfactory.

Combining the quilted cotton design with the high process requirements and silk fabric is a time-consuming and laborious thing.

But fortunately, the result is very pleasantly surprising, this shirt can be used to create the style of intellectual beauty,

It can also be like German fashion blogger Leonie Hanne, as the base of the overall look, wear a different feeling.

Another particularly good piece that combines practicality and style is the quilted down vest.

In autumn and winter, many bloggers put their vests directly on the outside of their sweatshirts or shirts.

This style of wearing is also very valuable for us, but if it were me, I would prefer to try the BV green of this year’s fire, and wearing highly saturated colors this autumn and winter is something I have been wanting to do lately.

Coats & coats

Short quilted down jackets, starting with MUJI, have been around for quite a long time. Lightweight, warm, generous and simple, it’s perfect for wearing between sweaters and coats to add a touch of fun to your outfit, or to take off your coat and wear it indoors.

In the autumn and winter of recent years, this quilted down jacket is no longer satisfied with a simple short, but has made many adjustments of different lengths and structures.

For example, Daniel Lee’s BV quilted jacket has a clearly minimalist silhouette. Whether it is a daily trip or a street outlook, it can be perfectly held.

It can also be worn with Prada’s triangle logo loafers to expose the socks, which is the hottest look of the year.

Burberry’s latest new product has transformed it directly into a classic trench coat. Pair one on the outside with a long vest, which is a mix of high ranks.

Chole’s approach is more punk, also a style of trench coat, but with dark brown edges, emphasizing the silhouette of the coat, so that the quilting, which originally represented gentleness, also has the temperament of a military coat. This high-level texture is very suitable for wearing out during the holidays to pull the wind.

Jil Sander, a brand that has cemented its position in the fashion circle with its minimalist aesthetic, has played with this quilted down jacket in a new way.

The fluffy shape has been cleverly transformed by the designer to make an architectural appearance, the color is goose yellow with green, which not only retains the texture of the minimalist style, but also has a warm touch, making people look forward to the arrival of autumn and winter.

Long skirt & skirt

Japanese girls who love to wear skirts in winter have given birth to a variety of quilted cotton skirts with unique designs.

There are wrap skirt styles that are wrapped up, and there are large A-line skirts that suit awkward styling.

If you like this kind of skirt, you can refer to the matching method above the daily miscellaneous and hide the big skirt under the big sweater, the silhouette is loose, and the walk is still very flexible.

Or even use a little more exaggerated styling to create your own unique style.

The same skirt, in the context of Western design, is cooler.

Even if it is the same A-line skirt, Martin boots will be used to match the tough style.

The quilted skirt like BV is made of leather.

No matter how you wear it, it has a strong visual impact.

Even Xian brand Dior, this autumn and winter, has released this quilted design of cotton skirt, in order to use this tough feeling to neutralize his own too fairy aura.

From the beginning of the invisible, to the later silent appreciation, and then to the current fascination, I think that in the next few seasons, from spring and summer to autumn and winter, quilted items will be runway celebrities, street fashion.

Cool and beautiful, in addition to the trench coat fur, the third warmth of autumn and winter is hidden in the dense seams.

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