2020 first wave parity good species, do not eat a big loss! ! !

Today, it is to give you a variety of good things, which are relatively wide, please have fun! I am a handling daughter responsible for the sharing of a good object.

Summer is sweating high season, and the stiffness and odor of sweating will always be uncomfortable. Nancy is sometimes driving activities, which is not sweating, and it is not a style of fashion blogger.


This QV clean sweat little magic bead is my antipership artifact! It is a native brand of Australia, focusing on sensitive muscle nursing, reputation is also as good as it is.

Many stars in China are using it: Hu Ke fitness, often uses it, and Lin Yun’s Xiaohong Book also said that when she recorded the real person in summer, I didn’t let go of QV clean sweat.


Qiao Xin, who participated in Milan fashion, also took it to fight the four parties ~

It is very convenient to carry, and the blue white color is also very fresh. Here you must praise it’s ball design, too intimate! Summer will take hands in hand, will be tight, squeezing the subway will be smashed to sweat, the gym sports will sweat …


At this time, just use the QV small magic bead to easily eliminate the embarrassment of sweating, let you refresh, boldly and male gods, love! (Under the armpit, the palm, the neck and other places can be applied)

Whether it is daily out of the street, the date or work occasion, how can you have less it in your bag!

In addition to portable, another reason for my heart is the hard core, small magic beads unique BiosorbTM biological crystals, can react with water, quickly adsorbed sweat and sweat, and will not block pores, can be said to be An essential such thing for each girl.


More importantly, its ingredients are natural, sensitive muscles, babies, pregnant women, and Bao Ma can also use it.

Don’t worry about the baby who likes to spray incense, it is colorless and tasteless, it will not leave traces in clothes or skin, and will not mix with you carefully choose the fragrance. It feels like it is designed for exquisite little fairy. Designed!

Water is a very refreshing texture, a faint purple, there is a very good taste, which can be well cleaned while hydrating. The fluidity is relatively strong, and the moisturizing effect is also very good.

The emulsion is relatively thin, very well, refreshing is not greasy. It feels well for the skin, the skin looks very shiny.


The whole set of milk is very refreshing, fried chicken is suitable for summer ~

This washing is a amino acid cleaning, and the stimulation of this washing is relatively small, and the sensitive muscle can also be used.

The taste is highly gentle, white frost, only need to squeeze out the soybean grains, you can take a delicate foam, one can use it for a long time.

Last year, Zhang Yihan Xiao Hongshu launched it, it has been very hot, I am also in turn, but the effect is really amazing!


This VT CICA sunscreen spray, sprayed spray is very delicate, transparent color, will not hurt!

Inside, the essence of the snow grass is also able to help the sun, it is also ice and cool, it is cold and comfortable.

The sunscreen index reaches SPF50 +++, and the daily sunscreen is complete enough. It is also very convenient to make it very good for waterproof and anti-sweat. It is also convenient to put it in the bag.

Unny’s cleansing water can be said to be a fighter in a parity, gentle gentleness, even if you accidentally enter your eyes, there will be no stabness.


Its texture is very water, the cleanliness is also very good, I usually make a light makeup, the thick makeup will use it, you can unload it very clean, there will be no sticky feelings.

Venus marble is a domestic brand. The first two years began fire, and their home shadow style is particularly good!

It is a pumpkin dish from 17 years, and the marble pattern on the package is deeply hit my heart (I admit that the beginning is the value of the value).


The whole color of the whole is very classic. There are 12 colors, very fireful pumpkins, big earth, maple leaves, and polarized green, matte and pearl, can be said to be a plate in hand, I have, fried Chicken is practical!

Hard cardboard packaging, a kind of cold air. After opening, you can smell your touch of chocolate, every makeup feels yourself in the food world! Its texture is more soft, and it will not fly powder with your hand. There is also a silky.

The development of the color can be said to be very amazing, especially the pearl color, very level, halo is high.

The red lipstick is afraid that the girl is not too much!

I must give you a 3CE TAUPE!


Although this color is more suitable for autumn and winter, I still have to make a real name system! ! ! It is also very good to look at it ~ Really, who is white, Su Yan can also hold, yellow-skin white peel baby can be assured!


The color is red-brown, brownish brown tune, matte silk, thick coating is very gas field, thin coating is red-tone bean sand color, sweet salt. It is not picking up the skin, and the film formation is very fast, the color saturation is very high, and the moisturizing sense is just right. Not much to say, the little friends will come to it! Do you have anything to make a fake? Leave it below the review area! ! ! (NINCY fashion notes)

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