One of the representatives of Chinese food culture: mahogany chopsticks

Speaking of mahogany, the first feeling may be a variety of furniture, mahogany because of its high value, wood stability made into furniture, by the market enthusiastic response. Even if there are some small pieces of literary play, they are full of classical charm. Moreover, mahogany gives the impression of being the exclusive utensils material of high-end literati, which seems to be ungrounded, but in fact, it is mainly because of the rarity of materials, especially materials such as purple, red and yellow that have been exclusive to emperors and nobles and loved by literati since ancient times.

In fact, things depend on the use of people, and expensive mahogany can actually be grounded. As the old saying goes: people take food as the sky, since ancient times people have taken food as the highest priority, only in the case of eating and drinking, will they pursue spiritual material enjoyment, and mahogany has a stable woodiness, is an excellent material for chopsticks. Chopsticks are the most commonly used dietary tool in the world and are a symbolic representation of classical Chinese food culture, Chinese used for at least 3,000 years. Today, let’s take a look at the mahogany that can be used as chopsticks.

Purple sandalwood inlaid solid 999 sterling silver chopsticks

Purple sandalwood can be said to be the most dense material in mahogany, which also causes the same volume, much heavier than other mahogany quality, large furniture may be heavier, but made into chopsticks, wood is always wood, not comparable to the weight of pure metal chopsticks, coupled with purple sandalwood is stable, not easy to be mothed, so making chopsticks is an excellent existence, and the weight feel is particularly suitable, and the first half of this chopsticks are solid sterling silver, silver tableware has always been a common use of rich people, But with the change of the times, it has also entered ordinary people, thousands of households, and it is no longer just synonymous with the tableware of ancient emperors and nobles.

Mahogany Wufu chopsticks

In addition to purple sandalwood, such as small-leaf rosewood in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” has a record of medicinal value, the sour spices of the big red acid branch can refresh the mind, and it is also a healthy red wood quality, and wenge wood kitchenware is also a common kitchenware material from life, so these woods can be directly used as chopsticks.

So when it comes to mahogany is not necessarily those handicrafts, or large furniture, mahogany chopsticks are also very grounded, and will not be expensive for people to use, even if it is yellow pears chopsticks, the price will not be too exaggerated. So don’t think that mahogany is exclusive to the rich in the future, as long as you have the heart to pay attention to it, there are surprises everywhere.

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