Speakers worth buying: Logitech Logitech X300 wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker

Recently, I have been wanting to buy a speaker to play, just happened to be Jingdong activities, planning to buy a JBL snail, but the daughter-in-law did not agree, do not bring a cable, must buy support Bluetooth, and preferably support NFC. Personally, I like JBL more, and after looking around, it seems that this is not bad.

But then tangled up the price, 399 did not buy, now directly 299.

When I brushed Z the next morning, I suddenly found that there was a Logitech X300 speaker, the original price was 499, now 299, Logitech’s quality has always felt quite good, read the evaluation, almost all praise, so I ordered one.

There are only three colors, just a blue one, placed in the morning and arrived in the afternoon.

Let’s start unboxing. It has already been dismantled by me, so simply dry it.

The picture was taken under a desk lamp, and the bulb is a warm white light source, so the photos are all yellowish.

The box, the speaker was taken out by me, this box is still very good, shock absorption and anti-fall.

Several connection methods, which will be discussed in detail later.


The shell is rubber, and the feel is still good.

This appearance was a bit ugly at first glance, but now I think it’s okay.

The top three buttons, speaker plus and minus keys, the middle is the Bluetooth button and a call hole.

Rear, left next power on button and an indicator, right next charging hole, one audio jack.

The bonding point here feels a little uneven, feels like a flaw, and I wanted to return it, but think about it, self-use is acceptable.

About the connection

The audio cable is connected, no problem, but note that the audio cable seems to be divided into front and back.

Bluetooth connection, even Android phone no problem.

Bluetooth connection, even Ipad Mini2 is no problem, it is still very good to use.

Bluetooth connection, connected to PC, as shown below, not bad.

Finally, personal opinion:

The form factor is very small, very portable, and convenient to slip into the bag.

Support call, mobile phone Bluetooth connection, call is very clear.

Bluetooth connection, support Windows, Android, IOS, and OS X, no Apple Ben, the last one can’t try, everything else is fine.

Support audio cable connection, pay attention to the front and back of the line when actually using.

If you are 10 meters below the transmission distance, you actually think that there is no problem within 5 meters, and if there is a wall, it seems to be affected.

Regarding the price, because it is produced by Logitech, it is still the price of 499, the price of 299 is acceptable, and it is still good to buy a home use.

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4th floor

40 minutes ago

Jingdong 1410 has received Bose SoundLink Mini, and there is no desire for similar products


59 minutes ago

Ugly aside, can the master of such a pit endure? 299 is also money…


1 hour ago

It’s ugly, but the sound quality is acceptable. If it were 299, I would definitely buy it.


It’s so ugly that there are no pot friends

1 hour ago

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