Metal degreasing | Metal degreasing agent adopts a strong degreaser formulation, which is the best way to remove oil

In the preservation, transportation and various processing processes of metal materials, the surface will adhere to anti-rust oil (grease), lubricating oil (grease), drawing oil, cutting oil, polishing wax, metal shavings, abrasive particles and dust and other solid dirt, sweat and water-soluble electrolytes and other substances. Before painting and plating, it must be completely removed to ensure good adhesion and surface properties of the coating.

Metal degreasing agent is a scientific compound of surfactants, detergents and other ingredients. The principle is a new type of industrial degreasing agent developed by using the principle of emulsification and saponification of metal degreaser.

Metal degreasers have a wide range of uses in metal processing, food, textile, transportation, shipbuilding, construction, electrical appliances, medicine, chemical industry and other industrial fields, although the material of the cleaning surface is different, but are to restore the cleanliness of the material surface and maintain the integrity of the substrate surface.

At present, in industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning process, immersion cleaning process, spray cleaning process, generally used as metal degreaser. Metal degreasers can easily remove oil stains such as cutting oil, stretching oil, and anti-rust oil on the surface of stainless steel, alloy, electrolytic plate and other materials.

Metal degreaser has the advantages of strong penetration, good emulsification, thorough oil removal, etc., and is non-flammable and non-explosive, economical and safe.

Features of metal degreaser:

1. Metal degreaser is an environmentally friendly degreaser, the composition does not contain xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene and other components that harm human health, which can eradicate poison, combustion and explosion.

2. Metal degreaser has fast oil removal speed, complete oil removal, and no residue.

3. Metal degreasing agent does not contain heavy metals and does not contain phosphorus, which is an environmentally friendly degreasing product.

4. Metal degreasing agent is an indispensable cleaning product for the pretreatment process of surface treatment such as grinding, passivation, rust prevention, and electroless plating.


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