Motorola ZN300 and Gionee E6mini review comparison


1. The appearance is good 2. The battery life is 3000mA 3. The camera has many pixels, the fixed focus is good, and there is a bokeh effect outside the focal length 4. The performance of the mobile phone is not bad, anyway, the girl does not play games, and the general software can be used normally 5. The screen is great, very clear, and there is no graininess at all


1. The material of the shell is not good, it is easy to break, not a fall, it is easy to drop a small piece of plastic. 2. The accessories are not good, the headphones are too easy to break, and they were replaced three times after three months after purchase. 3. The camera color can not be well restored, the white balance is not good, the color saturation is too large, and the contrast is too large, so the skin color is very strange when shooting portraits. 4. The sound quality is average, and the minimum volume is still very loud, every time you watch a video in the dormitory, you must use headphones, otherwise it is too loud.


The photo view is very good, forget about the selfie, the quality of the phone shell and accessories are not very good, the performance of the mobile phone is quite good, and the price is a little more expensive. The photos were taken with this phone

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