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Chinese painting color method

After the ink drawing is painted and dried, the picture can be colored, and the color can better connect the pen and ink momentum, and the picture is moist. The color mentioned here refers to the color dedicated to Chinese painting. The basic techniques for using these colors are described in detail below.

【Commonly used colors of Chinese painting】

The pigments commonly used in Chinese painting include vegetable pigments (water color) and natural mineral pigments (stone color); Plant pigments include cyanine, rouge, garcinia, etc.; Mineral pigments include ochre, cinnabar, lime, lime, etc. Vegetable pigments and mineral pigments are collectively referred to as Chinese painting pigments.

Titanium dioxide





Zhu Qi



Three green (stone green)

Stone green


Sanqing (stone blue)



Navy blue


【Color intensity】

You can’t directly use the pen to take colors from the palette to draw, but first let the pen tip absorb a certain amount of moisture, and then dip a sufficient amount of color from it, and adjust the color evenly in the color wheel to the desired concentration. At first, if the amount of water in the pen is not well mastered, you can increase it in small amounts and many times until you get a satisfactory result.

【Color and ink harmony】

【Color tone and】

【Chinese painting paint palette】

Fuchsia = pure purple + rose red, Chu Shi red = rose red + lemon yellow + pure black, powder blue = pure white + sky blue, blue green = grass green + sky blue.

Ripe brown = lemon yellow + pure black + rose red, pink rose red = pure white + rose red, color = lemon yellow + rose red, dark red = rose red + pure black.

Gray-blue = sky blue + pure black, light gray-blue = sky blue + pure black + pure purple, pink green = pure white + grass green.

Green = lemon yellow + grass green, dark green = grass green + pure black, pink purple = pure white + pure purple.

Pink lemon yellow = lemon yellow + pure white, vine = lemon yellow + rose red, orange = lemon yellow + rose red.

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