Song Zuer was born with the “mature” route! Wear a middle-aged plus-size cotton suit and look like a schoolboy

Song Zuer filmed Love in the City in 2005, and began to get involved in the film and television industry. As a child star, she has relatively good acting skills and good film and television resources. In the third season of Flowers and Teenagers broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV, she is loved by the majority of fans because of her sweet appearance and always thinking about others, despite this, Song Zuer is still very low-key, and her outfit at the airport has always chosen to be more simple and generous.

look1: Beige cotton clothes + white pants

Song Zuer’s recent airport private clothes for the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards look simple and atmospheric, but they look a bit like a child stealing adult clothes. However, from the overall style of clothing, light-colored clothing looks both visually comfortable, and at the same time will have some casual and fresh style reflection. The overall clothing is also more casual from the point of view of wearing, and with white sneakers, the experience and comfort of wearing must be full scores! Usually at home, such an autumn and winter combination is also something that big guys can start!

The color choice of the top is more beige, with off-white pants and pure white underwear, a set of light colors will not make people feel visual fatigue. In the choice of underwear, there are several cartoon character patterns, which are generally more biased towards a relaxed style, and Song Zuer always feels a little cute when wearing it.

This complete set of clothing is paired with a small white waist bag, and the shoulder straps are mainly red and black, which is the only color that is relatively rich in the color of the overall clothing. Song Zuer’s trip this time is very low-key, and in terms of makeup, it is like a pure makeup, and there should be very few female stars who dare to walk at the airport like this!

look2: striped jacket + slacks

Recently, Song Zuer traveled at the airport, wearing a black and white striped sweater with white pants, the overall style is very casual, but in the dressing is a little like a primary school student, completely unable to reflect its own advantages. The casual loose black and white striped top, paired with the same casual pants, is indeed not like the female celebrity has a fan. A loose jacket on the upper body, paired with a pair of slimmer pants, may look better and optimize yourself.

Although the shape and color of these pants are very good-looking, but with such a top, it has to be said that it is a big minus project, or maybe Song Zuer itself is not very suitable for this style, and this style of pants is indeed not something that ordinary people can try.

Although Song Zuer is more elegant in the design of makeup this time, it can also be seen that he is very careful, and the makeup and hairstyle choose a more natural dress in order to match this more relaxed looking outfit. Coupled with the bonus of gold wire glasses, although this style is not very suitable for her, it will not look like the outfit of the aunt.

look3: Black sweatshirt + leggings

Song Zuer appeared at the airport, the color of the overall clothing is mainly black tones, and such an all-black shape makes her already thin look more slender, the wide version of the black sweatshirt, in the design of the shape is biased towards boyfriend style, looks more wide, and such a top with leggings, so loose and tight is also a thin little trick, and with the autumn and winter Martin boots, travel is simply not too fashionable.

But Song Zuer’s face still looks relatively immature, which will inevitably make her clothing matching a lot less, but with some mature feeling in the choice of bags, it has suppressed her own temperament a little. Song Zuer, walking at the airport, has a flexible image that makes people feel that she seems to be not so immature in dressing.

In the matching of the overall makeup, Song Zuer chose a more natural makeup, the eyebrows were lightly traced, the lip color chose a more natural bean paste color, the hair was pressed down with a hat, and the choice of the hat was more comfortable while finishing the hairstyle, but also modifying its own face shape.

I have to say that Song Zuer’s costume sometimes really makes people feel like elementary school students, and do you like such Song Zuer?

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