was amazed by this year’s wearing method, called “boots in pants” wearing method, Ben Wuben Six wore fashionable and decent

With the advent of autumn and winter, women are also facing various troubles in dressing, always worried that the style will drag on and be bloated and not show temperament. Especially women who have no Benliu, do not seem to have much idea in the choice of bottoms, generally small leg pants, skirts and other items, this year has become popular a “boot in pants” wearing method.

What is “boot-in-the-pants”? is that trousers and boots are matched together, showing thin legs and warmth, the overall shape is clean and neat, for women who run five and six, this is also a different fashionable way to wear, don’t believe to see the blogger’s dressing demonstration.

First, gentle and elegant style

• Apricot knit cardigan + off-white sweater + blue jeans + black over-the-knee boots

In this gentle style match, the use of loose knitted cardigan and tight jeans on the lower body creates a loose and tight feeling, the overall relaxation is moderate, very elegant woman’s temperament. Tight-fitting denim trousers will also appear thinner legs, and when paired with over-the-knee boots, they better outline the slender calf line, simple and personal.

• Khaki trench coat + white knit bottoms + blue jeans + black over-the-knee boots

If you want to look at the combination of tight trousers and boots, try a trench coat with a powerful air in itself, and the mid-length fit will cover the crotch and hips well, making it visually appear slimmer legs. These over-the-knee boots make the figure look well-proportioned and slim, especially the mid-heel style boots, which are not tired after wearing, casual and casual.

• Gray sweater + denim trousers + black boots

Focusing on strengths and avoiding weaknesses in collocation, so to match a casual and elegant look, a basic gray sweater and long leather boots can do it, which combine smart and casual style, giving people a sense of high-class elegance from top to bottom.

Second, temperament workplace style

• Reddish brown trench coat + denim trousers + black boots

This reddish-brown trench coat has a classic and atmospheric fit, retro colors with a mid-length fit, full of aura after wearing the body, and the leather boots on the lower body add a bit of handsomeness to the look. Another retro brown suit with a sweater of the same color is stable and formal, and the boots on the lower body are still quite handsome.

• Chidori check short jacket + black leggings + brown boots

When it comes to the houndstooth jacket is synonymous with exquisiteness, simple black and white tones, attractive and simple, choose such a short houndstooth coat in the workplace, exquisite and formal, with tight trousers and brown boots on the lower body, easily showing a pair of long legs, the whole person looks capable and spirited.

• Gray checked suit + white V-neck bottoms + black leggings + black boots

The combination of suits and boots itself is quite handsome, especially for middle-aged women, so that after wearing it, it is old and capable, whether it is a daily date or commuting, this set is eye-catching and eye-catching.

If you want to look more visually thinner, try a full-body black suit, a simple and loose black blazer with tight leggings, handsome and trendy, the same look with black boots, fashionable and also very long legs.

Third, fashionable and age-reducing style

• White cotton jacket + blue shirt + black leggings + brown boots

The fashionable age-reducing style of styling pays attention to the fall and generosity, and the temperament is fresh. This short white cotton jacket has a fresh and clean color, white and gentle after the bodice. The lower body is paired with simple denim trousers, loose and tight, visually very thin.

Another set of white cotton clothing styling chose a dark bottom, visually more thin figure, for small children, such a short cotton clothing will not lower the height, and the wide fit is playful and cute after the upper body, which can play a role in reducing age.

Skinny jeans and boots on the lower body can stretch the proportions of the legs, and the figure is also slim and slender.

“Long pants + boots” matching is too personal, even elderly women can still be controlled, in the usual outfit, but don’t let age limit our outfit, such a fashionable match, both fashionable and decent, but also easy to show leg length.

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