Sweatshirt + skirt, sweatshirt + shirt, too good-looking

Nowadays, comfortable and casual clothes are more and more loved by the public, and sweatshirts are one of them. And it also has a lot of ways to wear it, it can be regarded as

Available in salt or sweetness

of versatile items too!

Like Liya, he usually likes to be with

A-line skirt

Wear it together, match

Short sweatshirt

It can also improve the waistline, fashionable and sexy. Look, is it a sweet cool girl that you can love at a glance?

Want to build

Well-behaved and quiet preppy style

Yes, as long as you wear one underneath a solid sweatshirt

Striped shirt

It is very refreshing and very suitable for daily wear as a student party.

However, today Liya wants to share another new way to wear sweatshirts with fairies. It can maintain grace and resist the cold of autumn and winter. That’s right, it is

Layer over a coat

The gradually cooler weather has made the coats in the wardrobe can’t wait to “return to the rivers and lakes”, and many people have long been silently preparing new clothes!

Then come and see it with Liya

Sweatshirt + coat

When the time comes, you won’t have to worry about how to match your clothes!

But first, we have to see what kind of sweatshirt is suitable for us, so that we can do more with less, so that the charm will only increase!

1. Look at the fit

Keywords: loose fit, neckline

The slim sweatshirt is simply the nemesis of a slightly fat girl, not only exposing the small belly, but also the tightened hem also makes the crotch particularly fat.

Loose fit

is the correct way to open the sweatshirt, after wearing it, all the shortcomings of the body are quietly hidden!

Other than that

The size of the neckline

Also pay attention to the fact that you can’t choose one close to the neck,

The larger the exposed area, the thinner it appears

(Source red@ Masisi)

2. Look at the shoulder line

Keywords: broad shoulders, narrow shoulders

Fairies with wide shoulders try to avoid this

Highlight the shoulder line

The straight lines of the sweatshirt will create the illusion of extending outward, which is more suitable for people with narrow shoulders.

Like this

Dropped shoulder design

It has the effect of shrinking the length visually, which is a good improvement in the problem of shoulder width.

(Source red@ Your Chris sister)

3. Look at the pattern

Keywords: concentrated, small area

The pattern on the sweatshirt can increase the highlights and fun of the overall look, but if you don’t choose it well, it will become the “culprit” that lowers the appearance.

The layout is scattered

The pattern will occupy a large area of the upper body, but it will be produced

Bloated and swollen

feeling. If you change to a small-area and centralized design, you won’t have this trouble, and even the sense of fashion has improved a lot.


Keywords: denim jacket, versatility

Denim jacket but

Classic and versatile

‘s universal piece, go out shopping and don’t know how to wear clothes, choose it is right!

Just layer one piece inside

Crewneck sweatshirt

It can easily create a cool sassy girl’s sense of atmosphere, and

With the cover of a coat

, nor does it show crotch width.

Don’t forget again

Layer a white T to add layering

Small details are also very important!

The lower body can be based on “

Tight up and down”

For styling, choose a pair of stretchy leggings, Liya suggests

Black is preferred

, wearing it will look thinner.


Keywords: trench coat, casual

The trench coat is a must-have jacket for Liya in autumn,

The length over the buttocks is too flesh-covering

, Every time I wear it, I feel that I walk with the wind, full of aura!

Combined with a sweatshirt,

The intensity of age reduction is full

! And there is a little more youthfulness of the student period, and there is no loss of vitality in addition to leisure.


Vertical striped color-block sweatpants

, while lengthening the leg line, while adding personal characteristics.

And also

Martin boots

With the extra blessing, the body proportion was instantly optimized, and I felt that I had grown several centimeters taller!


Keywords: coat, premium

The woolen coat is more textured than the light trench coat,

The minimalist fit is attractive and premium

, In a trance, I thought I was the heroine surrounded by handsome guys in Korean dramas!


The beige sweatshirt is very colorful

, with a small brown leather skirt, sexy and cute coexist. The overall color tone is also very harmonious, which is very suitable for autumn and winter when the leaves are flying.

It’s too difficult to get up in winter, just want to save a little time to sleep more, and it’s good to lie down in a warm bed for a few minutes.

That’s straight to wear

Sweatshirt set

, and then pick a coat you like

Get out the door quickly

La! This dressing method is also very suitable for lazy cancer patients.


Keywords: down jacket, warmth

Girls must pay attention not to get cold, especially in the cold winter, a warm down jacket is essential, if it is well matched, it can also be very outstanding!

Bright down jacket full score for eye-catching index

, and the pattern color of the sweatshirt


, Seemingly ordinary outfits are actually hidden in caution Oh, the sense of fashion is like this!

There is no inspiration for color matching,

Black, white and gray are definitely preferred.

The enduring color combination, you can’t get tired of it.

The gray hooded sweatshirt harmonizes the dullness of the black down jacket while also enriching the layers of the upper body. The addition of white pants has a brightening effect and can highlight the overall shape

Minimalist style

I have to say that the combination of sweatshirt and jacket is really a strong combination,

Fashion and warmth

! Wearing it to work and school can also save a lot of time, and the lazy star said that it was too hearty!

Different styles of coats can create a variety of styles, and fairies can choose and match according to their preferences.

Sweatshirt + denim jacket – classic and chic

Sweatshirt + windbreaker – casual age reduction

Sweatshirt + coat – simple and high-class

Sweatshirt + down jacket – warm and comfortable

The costumes are in place, and the hairstyle has to keep up!

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