The wide and loose wide-leg pants also look good, and with a slim top, it looks thin and age-reduced

Wide legs are one of the favorite pants of girls, but generally people choose looser pants when choosing wide legs. Overly loose pants appear exaggerated or even draggy. But this is just the idea of ordinary people, and for those fashionable people, loose pants make it easier to have long legs.

These very loose wide-leg pants are also a concave shape commonly used by many female celebrities. Here we choose almond-colored wide-leg pants, which are exaggerated wide-leg pants. Standing there motionless, you will feel like you are wearing a dress. When you leave, you’ll find it pants.

These loose trousers are usually made of the same color and material at the waist as a strap, tied with apricot cloth on the belt, and worn with a bow. Pants with loose legs usually have some folds at the waist, so the legs will naturally gradually loosen from the waist down.

Another interesting thing about this pants is its legs. Despite being a very loose trouser, it changed the originally closed round legs to a one-piece, probably starting at the knee, with a hole in the front of the pants so that the pants sway in the wind and one leg can be seen when walking.

The top you choose is slim enough to wear with these pants. These apricot pants are paired with a black sleeveless vest. Black is a very thin color and is more suitable for slim vests. This will not only make us thinner, but also improve the waist line and make our legs look longer.

If you want to make a concave shape with this dress, you need to wear a pair of high heels, either apricot or black. If you just wear it casually in daily life, you can wear a pair of slippers, which gives people a very casual feeling. This dress is very simple with a turmeric shoulder bag. The colors are bright, but they do not conflict with the clothing.

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