Spain’s 13-year-old Princess Sofia is over 170 years tall! The eldest princess is stunning with a Zara puff sleeve dress

The Spanish royal princess sisters were amazed as soon as they appeared, and after a few months, the two princesses jumped up quickly! On April 22, local time, the Spanish princess sisters attended an event with their parents to participate in the launching ceremony of the submarine. The atmosphere shown by the two little princesses is really admirable!

Compared with the bright color scheme of the two princesses, Queen Letizia deliberately wanted to highlight the beauty of her two daughters, so this time she chose a very low-key gray dress to appear. 15-year-old Grand Princess Leonor has adopted a layering method this time and has slowly begun to take the adult dressing route. White collarless coat, black and white checked skirt with puff sleeves, Princess Sophia’s outfit is still a children’s clothing route, the little princess is more than 170 centimeters tall, and the 13-year-old girl is taller than Laihou. At first glance, she still looks tall, after all, the high heels she wears on her feet are 10 cm!

With red ballet small leather shoes, the pointed toe style is also more and more like a big girl, and the small leather shoes of the two princesses when they were children are basically round-toed styles. Everyone was very interested in the outfit of the eldest princess, the white coat was from Adolfo Dominguez, and the inner layer turned out to be Zara’s brand.

Lai Queen has always been supporting the local Zara brand, and now not only wears it himself, but the princesses have also performed Zara many times, and Lai has a fashion heir. This mid-length coat is more mature when belted, and more lively when worn like Princess Leonor.

Princess Leonor took off her coat, and the small fragrance-style tattooed skirt inside was everyone’s favorite, and this affordable item was worn by the eldest princess, and it was sold out in an instant. The design of the puffy sleeves is also in line with the age of a 15-year-old princess, with some playfulness, but also a sense of formality.

13-year-old Princess Sophia is wearing a very exotic red print skirt, from the brand Sfera, the cuffs of this skirt are also very childlike, in fact, Princess Sophia has always been a walking hanger, but this straight style, it seems that it has not been able to show the body advantage of Princess Sofia.

If Princess Sophia changes into shoes with a little heel, it is actually more beautiful, and if you want to go to a cool style, change to Martin boots like a model, it is also quite domineering. The hairstyles and costumes of the mother and daughter all show the high requirements of the Spanish royal family.

The queen’s low ball head, paired with this elegant gray dress, looks more charming. The simple hair style of the eldest princess can also be used as a reference in our weekdays, full of girly feeling. And the second princess’s hair braiding style is also very ladylike, the backs of the mother and daughter are so good-looking, and the fairy looks good!

Princess Sophia’s appearance is higher than her sister’s, but Leonor is more calm than Sophia, and this calm character is more in line with her role as the future queen. Princess Sophia and Princess Leonor are now attending various royal events together, do they remember the picture of Queen Elizabeth II and her sister together, and now the Queen of England is 95 years old.

The mother’s fashion taste naturally affects the daughter, and Queen Lai is indeed a winner in life, and the second marriage into the royal family, but pushed herself to the most glorious moment.

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Spain’s 13-year-old Princess Sofia is over 170 years tall! The eldest princess is stunning with a Zara puff sleeve dress

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