Which brand of sweeping robot is better? Sweeping suction mop 4-in-1 explosive sweeping robot recommended

The new generation of sweeping robots has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the diversification of functions, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, wiping and other diversified functions integrated together, completely liberating our hands, buying an all-in-one machine can achieve the effect of the traditional four cleaning equipment, providing the ultimate service for home cleaning. Today, Xiaobian will bring you sweeping, suction, mopping, wiping, 4-in-1 explosive sweeping robot recommendation.

Recommendation 1: Fina TOMEFON sweeping robot

Founded in 1976 in Stuttgart, Germany, Fina is committed to the research and development and sales of indoor cleaning appliances, with more than 40 years of successful innovation experience and industry strength, Fina TOMEFON has now become an industry leader. In Europe, the market share of Fina TOMEFON sweeping robots is as high as 80%, and Fina’s cleaning products have entered thousands of households.

The Fina TOMEFON-G90 sweeping robot is its main product, and its sweeping, suctioning and dragging functions are very complete. Equipped with advanced fourth-generation LDS laser navigation equipment, accurate ranging and wide scanning range, supporting the rich intelligent functions of the product. The integrated design of water tank + mop cloth allows the mopping and wiping functions to play a full role, and the whole house is cleaned according to the way of sweeping first and then mopping. Large capacity water tank, support wet mopping function, higher efficiency, more obvious effect. The level of intelligence of the Fina TOMEFON-G90 is also very high, and the working area can be freely set on the APP, which can realize the intelligent selection of the cleaning area. In particular, the task of partial cleaning in irregular areas can be set, which realizes accurate service and vividly reflects intelligence.

Recommendation 2: iRobot Roomba sweeping robot

iRobot’s comprehensive strength is second only to Fina, and it is a well-known brand originating from the United States. As an international famous brand, it has cool intelligent technology. Like Fina TOMEFON, it is one of the first companies to start the development of sweeping robots. From the beginning of the military to the civilian worker, iRobot’s product quality is also quite reliable, and there are few failures in use.

iRobot’s flagship product is the iRobot Roomba i7+, which is the masterpiece of the seventh generation of the Roomba® series. The Roomba i7+ is quite intelligent, and every time after the cleaning work, the i7+ can realize the function of automatically transporting the garbage in the dust box, and each dust bag can use a fixed cycle, which greatly saves labor costs. Roomba i7+

Clean the brush

The head is designed with a combination brush, which greatly improves the cleaning effect and effectively prevents the occurrence of tangled hair. The i7+ also features a triple efficient cleaning system that perfectly integrates sweeping, washing and mopping to ensure deep cleaning of the floor and cleaning away all kinds of dust and stains.

Recommendation 3: Cobos sweeping robot

Cobos is a well-known domestic brand, focusing on the research and development and sales of sweeping robots and other products for many years, and its strength is very strong. After years of development, it was successfully listed in 2018 and became the first listed company in the sweeping robot industry. Cobos has established a perfect service robot system around the world, and its products are hot-selling products in many countries and regions.

Cobos’ flagship product is the DEEBOT N9 series. The series combines sweeping and mopping functions. Among them, the mopping function is equipped with a special mop cleaning base to facilitate the cleaning of the mop. The clean water tank is separated from the waste water tank to prevent cross-contamination. The most intimate thing is to support automatic backwashing, no hand washing. The mopping uses an efficient rotary pressure wiping system to remove stubborn stains effortlessly, and the cleaning ability is greatly improved compared to the normal mop mode. In terms of sweeping, 2200Pa super large suction power is a high parameter in the sweeping robot industry. 5200mAH large battery, up to 150 minutes of uninterrupted work, can solve the problem of work continuity, greatly improve the work efficiency of the robot.

Recommendation 4: Dyson sweeping robot

Dyson is a world-renowned home appliance brand originating from the United Kingdom. It is a dustless bag

vacuum cleaner

, and the first to apply vacuum technology to sweeping robot products, so the vacuum cleaning function of Dyson sweeping robot is extremely prominent.

The main product of the Dyson sweeping robot is the Dyson 360Heurist. This product has a super high appearance and unique design. The Dyson 360 Heurist has an advanced power unit with powerful suction power. The independent patent of the Dyson multi-cone cyclone breakthrough filter solves the problem of secondary pollution of the air flow. The whole machine is equipped with a perfect filtration system to release clean air. The 360 Hurista brush strip is as wide as the fuselage, expanding the adsorption range and adapting to the cleaning of a variety of floor materials. Imitation tank track design, can flexibly climb over various indoor ground obstacles. Dyson 360 Heurist has also made great efforts in intelligence and automation, sensing the remaining amount of power, automatically returning to charging, and automatically returning to the same place to continue cleaning. In terms of washing and mopping, the Dyson sweeping robot also performs well, which can effectively complete the follow-up work after vacuuming.

Recommendation 5: Xiaomi sweeping robot

Xiaomi is a well-known domestic brand specializing in the research and development of smart life technology, and its performance in the industry is good. Xiaomi is involved in it through the “Mijia” brand as a platform

Smart home

field, its sweeping robot products are very popular with the market public, and the sales are good.

Xiaomi’s main product is Mijia no-clean sweeping robot Pro (STYTJ06ZHM), which is cost-effective and supports no-clean sweeping and mopping. It adopts mainstream LDS laser navigation technology to intelligently plan walking paths; Adopt standard miniaturized body design, which can better clean corners; With a maximum suction power of 3000 Pa and an extra-long roller brush, it provides efficient cleaning. Equipped with a base that can be cleaned automatically, it supports practical functions such as automatic cleaning and mop drying. Large capacity fresh water tank and waste water tank, with UV ultraviolet sterilization function, effectively care for the environment and protect your health.

Recommendation 6: Philips sweeping robot

Philips is a world-renowned Fortune 500 brand that has been established for more than 100 years. Philips is very famous in the field of home appliances and has a complete product system.

The popular product of Philips sweeping robot is Philips FC8792, its tip adopts a special shape design, and it can fit the corners when sweeping. The ultra-thin body can be flexibly shuttled between the bottom of the furniture and the bottom of the bed for cleaning. The bottom adopts the design idea of no roller brush, which firmly adsorbs hair. Even on tiled floors, dust hairs can be easily sucked into the dust box. By using the setting of the wider nozzle, the vacuum range can be greatly increased. The lithium battery capacity of the Philips cordless vacuum cleaner FC8792 can support long continuous working time, which can clean large areas. In terms of washing and mopping functions, Philips also has a unique way of unfolding the mop, which can quickly dry the floor.

Recommendation 7: Midea’s sweeping robot

Midea is a well-known domestic home appliance brand and an important enterprise in the field of global white goods. Midea can be seen everywhere in Chinese families, high-quality after-sales service, product reputation is extremely high, so that Midea occupies an important position in various fields.

Midea’s flagship 4 and 1 products are the M3. This model uses OTS navigation and supports whole house composition. In the process of work, it can draw scene maps, accurately position, and cover the cleaning range. There is also an obstacle recognition technology with a powerful recognition function, which perfectly avoids obstacles and improves the efficiency of walking. Midea’s M3 dust brush adopts intelligent design ideas, which can directly observe the use status of the dust brush when used, and can be easily disassembled with one key to clean the hair. The rear pumping tank design has a very uniform water output, automatically bypassing the carpet to avoid wetting the carpet. Floor maintenance can be carried out by adding floor cleaner to the water tank, realizing the integration of cleaning and maintenance functions, saving a lot of labor costs.

Recommendation 8: Panasonic sweeping robot

Panasonic has been established for 100 years and is a well-known long-established enterprise in Japan. Panasonic has a well-developed sales network around the world, and with its unique Japanese craftsmanship, it has brought the details of its products to the extreme, and has won the favor of many consumers.

Panasonic’s main product is Panasonic MC-RSF600C, which adopts the unique shape of Lelo triangle and has a comprehensive cleaning function. The cleaning effect of the corners of the wall is better, which can meet the cleaning requirements of multiple scenes. MC-RSF600C has fine dust sensing technology, which can sense fine dust particles without sparing a trace of dust. The wide nozzle shape and the floor brush that can be cleaned on both sides achieve the effect of rapid dust removal with minimal energy consumption. Panasonic closely follows the trend of diversified functions of sweeping robots, and has also made great efforts to develop the multi-functional application of sweeping and mopping, and has advanced concepts in cleaning logic and mode switching.

Recommendation 9: Haier sweeping robot

Haier is a well-known home appliance brand in China, which has become the collective memory of generations in the field of home appliances with its reliable quality and best service. In recent years, Haier has fully implemented the formulation of the “smart life” program, and successfully created a number of products such as “smart refrigerator” and “sweeping robot” according to new ideas, which are well recognized by consumers.

The multifunctional intelligent robot of Haier sweeping robot is Haier P70S. In terms of cleaning, the product suction power reaches 3200Pa, which is very prominent in the industry and can provide enough suction power for cleaning. P70S adopts self-developed hair cutting roller brush technology to cut off hair in time and suck into the dust box, effectively solving hair entanglement. Equipped with a 230ml ultra-large capacity water tank, three levels of water adjustment, can meet the needs of daily cleaning wet mopping, maximize the role of wet mopping function, improve the convenience of P70S use, free hands.

Recommendation 10: Cloud whale sweeping robot

Although Cloud Whale was established later than other brands, it has a high degree of technological maturity and a high appearance of its products. Since its launch, two generations of its flagship product, Little Beluga has withstood the test of fierce market competition.

The main product of Cloud Whale sweeping robot is its second-generation product Cloud Whale J2, whose sweeping function adopts a separate design, with mopping mode and sweeping mode. Among them, the mopping mode adopts the magnetic working mode, and the triangular mop rotates staggeredly to apply 10N pressure downward. Using logic that simulates manual cleaning, automatic backwashing can be realized. Cloud Whale J2 can be connected to the collection APP, which improves the convenience of product control. In addition, the physical button above the cleaning base station is more eye-catching to avoid the occurrence of insensitive touch buttons. The working status of the machine can be grasped in real time through the screen. The “Smart Water Change Kit” provides an intelligent water change device that can realize automatic water change.

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