The liquid nitrogen freezer quickly refrigerates “fresh”, and the quality of the delicious Haihong is guaranteed

Spring seafood has always been loved for its fat and good taste. With the warmer weather in recent days, fishermen in Qingdao, Rizhao and other places have also begun to go to sea to catch seasonal scallops, oysters and other seafood, and Haihong is also ushering in a bumper harvest. It is worth mentioning that with the use of liquid nitrogen freezers to quick-freeze the treated fresh Haihong in the processing, it also provides a guarantee for the quality and quantity of the Haihong to be sold throughout the country.

  Sea rainbow, also known as mussels, is a bivalve mollusk with a black-brown shell and high nutritional value, such as rich in 8 essential amino acids such as valine and leucine needed by the human body, while the high content of unsaturated fatty acids also makes it known as the “egg of the sea”. In addition, the price of Haihong is more affordable than other seafood products, and it can be steamed, boiled and eaten, or shelled and cooked with other ingredients, which is a popular seafood delicacy.

  Although delicious sea rainbows are available all year round, some fishermen say that “spring sea rainbows are fatter and more fragrant in terms of meat quality and taste”, so with the recent return of fishing boats full of fresh sea rainbows in Qingdao, Rizhao and other places, there has also been a hot sale of sea rainbows. However, the difficulty of preserving fresh Haihong has always been a major difficulty in its sales, and with the application of freezers in Haihong processing, it has also brought changes to Haihong storage, transportation and sales.

  As we all know, in recent years, quick-freezing process has been widely used in the field of food processing, industrial-grade quick-freezing equipment can quickly reduce the core temperature of food to minus 18 degrees, and then equipped with the whole cold chain transportation, in order to better achieve the purpose of “locking fresh” raw materials, you can see that there are now frozen pasta, quick-frozen dishes, quick-frozen fresh food, etc. on the market.

  As far as the current quick-frozen fresh food is concerned, the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer using ultra-low temperature molecular fresh-locking technology is a very suitable processing equipment for the fresh quick-freezing link. It is understood that the liquid nitrogen quick freezer can achieve a refrigeration effect of minus 196 degrees in a short time, and because it will not cause too much damage to the food itself, the nutrients, form, color, flavor, etc. of the food can be better retained. For example, the liquid nitrogen-locked fresh aquatic products launched in Zhejiang earlier have the praise that once thawed, seafood can be as “fresh” as the original to a large extent.

  The author also learned that the coastal area of Shandong, which has a large number of sea rainbows, is also equipped with a refrigerated room in the processing of sea rainbows, and the fresh sea rainbows caught are initially processed by cleaning equipment and sorting equipment, and further processed through advanced quick-freezing technology. Among them, the use of liquid nitrogen freezer can not only escort the quality of Haihong, but also quick-freeze a large number of Haihong in a short time, which also brings an effective solution to maintain fresh quality for Haihong that is difficult to preserve for a long time.

  Nowadays, there are a variety of products such as quick-frozen sea rainbow, dried sea rainbow, fresh sea rainbow, etc., and the sales radius and radiation range of sea hong have been further expanded, in addition to being sold all over the country, overseas markets are also further opened. At present, it is the peak season after the spring season of Haihong, and consumers in various places can also choose Haihong products according to actual conditions.

  For foods such as seafood, the fresher the better. With the gradual deepening of the application of quick-freezing process that helps to “lock fresh” raw materials in seafood, manufacturers and consumers will undoubtedly become the ultimate beneficiary group, and as far as the current situation of the food market is concerned, such processing methods are obviously in line with the general development trend.

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