A bright color in the winter snow – the 40th anniversary champion of Wolf Paw’s joint ski suit

Hello everyone, I’m Lao Ji Dali! The 2021-2022 snow season has officially begun, and with only two months left before the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the craze for skiing for all is getting higher and higher. This year, Lao Ji also changed his helmet and snow goggles, but he always felt that the new snowsuit he bought last year was too big and long, not to mention his butt, and his sleeves were particularly long, so he updated his snowsuit again at the beginning of the snow season this year and bought this set of wolf paws for the 40th anniversary champion joint model. Originally, I just wanted to buy a shorter and more fitting top, but I was attracted by the design of this set and went straight to this set.

Wolf paw was founded in Germany in 1981, is one of the most important outdoor brands in the European market, German workmanship is more elegant, in the domestic outdoor product market also has a lot of fans, old age before the sea amoy wolf claw storm pants worn for 4 years is not bad, and finally the zipper is not good to use before retirement. Compared with some outdoor brands that only take the outdoor route that pays attention to fabric parameters and lacks a sense of design, wolf claws are more inclined to the fashion outdoor route of tailoring design and pattern.

This 40th Anniversary Champion co-branded ski suit launched in late 2021 has a strong sense of style, and does the print look like coordinates? That’s right, this is the coordinates of the origin of the wolf claw, a design that fuses with the 40th anniversary. There are dark gray and bright yellow options, and those who like to show their personality can choose bright yellow with Lao Ji, and those who are more restrained and like to keep a low profile can choose dark gray.

There is also a big “1981” behind it, which means that the wolf’s paw was launched in 1981.

The reality show is here for the time being, and then let’s take a look at the top

On the inside of the chest pocket is the signature of the 13th Ski Champion Felix, and with the blessing of the champion’s signature, Lao Ji feels that he can also become a ski master.

The dress is cotton, but it is not ordinary Peng gum cotton. It is the Microguard warm cotton of the wolf’s claw, which is layered and interwoven with chemical fiber materials to form a fiber web, which has a cotton touch, and is more washable, and can also ensure excellent warmth performance after washing.

There is also a snow skirt at the waist, and the wolf claw logo on the snow skirt is a little sticky glue, which can fit tightly with the snow pants.

The snow skirt should be buttoned on the outside of the snow pants, so that the snow will not choke into the clothes when falling, and the back of the waist is full of snow, which is cool and easy to get wet over time.

The shoulders and elbows of the top are loosely designed, so you don’t feel constrained when skiing.

The image quality of the GIF is compressed too scum, mainly to show everyone the technique of the old age and the upper body effect of the whole set of clothes when skiing.

Ski clothing, like other storm suits, the most important parameters are waterproof and breathable. This snowsuit features Wolf Paw’s own Texapore Ecosphere fabric. Wolf claw in the outdoor circle is a brand to protect nature and pursue environmental protection, Ecosphere is environmentally friendly recycled fabric, waterproof index reaches 20000mm water column pressure, its concept is 20000mm high, that is, 20 meters high water column pressed on the fabric for 24 hours, from the fabric penetrate through the water droplets no more than 3 drops, the value has been very impressive.

The breathability index of this fabric is 15000g/m²/24h. That is, 1 square meter of this cloth can pass 15,000 grams of water vapor through every 24 hours. The human body will lose about 500 grams of water through the skin every day, and during exercise and strenuous exercise, the volatilization of water will be many times more, so the higher the breathability index of the clothes, the faster the moisture volatile by the human body escapes, the less you will feel that the clothes are damp, and people will not be prone to hypothermia and feel cold. Generally, the breathability index of ordinary storm jackets is only 3000, and the breathability of this fabric is much better than that.

Lao Ji poured half a bowl of water on the clothes to test the hydrophobicity of the fabric. You can see that the water will flow on the surface of the garment without getting wet. Of course, our snowsuits and storm suits are usually washed as little as possible to avoid damaging the hydrophobic layer on the surface.

Falling snow that rolls on clothes can be knocked down with a gentle pat without wetting the clothes.

The RECCO on the back collar of the clothes is an avalanche rescue system, but there seems to be no avalanche snow resort in Japan. Once an avalanche is buried in the snow abroad, the rescue chip will reflect the radar waves emitted by the rescue helicopter and tell the rescuer where the rescuer is.

There is a card pocket on the inside of the left cuff, which can usually store the snow card, and it is convenient to swipe the card at the cable car without taking it out of the pocket.

Double cuffs. The inner cuff is stretched to prevent snow from pouring into the sleeve after falling.

The waterproof zipper on the top placket can be pulled up and down, and when skiing is hot, it can be pulled open to help dissipate heat and cool down. The zipper rope on it is relatively large, and it can be easily touched and pulled with gloves in old records.

Let’s take a look at the matching snow pants. These snowpants are made of the same fabric as the snowsuit, so I won’t go into details, and the back waist is signed by the champion. In addition to the two snap fasteners, the pants also have a metal hook to make the waistband stronger, and there will be no embarrassing situation of accidental loosening of the waistband due to falling.

The zippers on both sides are covered with zippers, so even if the zippers are not closed, snow can be prevented from pouring into the pockets to a certain extent. There is also a rope with a hook in the pocket to hang the club’s windwel, gloves, wallet and other items to prevent loss.

The inner layer of the double leg should be wrapped around the outside of the snowshoe, so that whether you fall or step into deep snow, it will ensure that the snow does not fall down the leg and enter the shoe.

The outer legs also have zippers and snaps for an adjustable fit. Shoes on the veneer are generally wider, and it is more suitable to unzip and press the snaps on the outermost piece.

The knees are also relatively loose, and there is no restriction on squatting and kneeling.

Finally, Lao Ji’s size description: Lao Ji is 1.83 meters tall and weighs 180 pounds, and the length of the XL top and L pants purchased is more suitable. Because the ski resort next to the home is generally not too cold, XL’s clothes can wear a quick-drying or slightly thick warm middle layer, if you want to go to a ski resort further north such as the Songhua Hubei pot at minus 20 degrees, then you should choose XXL. If you buy L, it will fit better, and if you like looser, especially the small partner who covers the protective gear inside, you should choose XL.

Well, this set of wolf paw 40th anniversary ski clothes is here for everyone. In general, its warmth effect is very good, Lao Ji only wears a quick-drying inside, and he doesn’t feel cold after a day of skating. The waterproof fabric allows me to sit on the snow and chat with friends without worrying about the butt getting wet, the overall cut especially the joints are very comfortable, whether skiing or squatting are not restricted by snowsuits, the activities are very free, this winter Lao Ji will become a minion in the snow field and enjoy the joy and health of skiing.

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