Lin Xinru’s “flesh face” is so tender, wearing a red printed skirt, elegant and mature

When it comes to dresses, dresses always come to mind, and few people think of them first


。 The existence of the skirt seems to be in a very awkward position, although it can achieve an elegant and high-end feeling, but it is less


, feeling always one step behind the dress.

However, skirts are also very fashionable items, and compared to dresses,


and style changes are stronger. When matching, it presents a different effect with different pieces, which is something that dresses can’t do.

If you want to make your outfit

Something new

, can also show a trendy sense of fashion, then choose a skirt. Believe that you will not be disappointed. Skirts don’t just have good ones

Flesh masking effect

, through the appropriate collocation, it can also give people a bright feeling, which is very fashionable.

If you refuse to choose a skirt because you don’t know how to match it, then this issue is about

Don’t miss it

。 How to match the skirt to look good, this issue gives you the answer, let you wear an elegant and high-end sense, release feminine charm, and become a “heartthrob”-like existence.

How to match a skirt

●A printed skirt with a simple and traditional balance

When it comes to matching skirts, learn to follow

Balance between simplicity and complexity

The principle of contrast, it is very common to create a sense of fashion through a sense of contrast. Prints or floral skirts are perfect for matching

Simple style top

, can form a clear sense of contrast, release a high-level fan.

Of course, when choosing a simple skirt, the upper body can be matched with some items with a strong sense of design, so that the overall matching can be formed

A sense of balance

, better show the fashion atmosphere.

For example, red printed skirts fall in


, then the upper body can be worn with a shirt or T-shirt, which makes people feel comfortable and advanced and very aesthetically pleasing.

●Color contrast dark red print and white shirt

When matching a skirt, another thing to pay attention to is the match between colors. I believe that there is no need to say more, the beautiful eyebrows should be clear that there must be between colors

A sense of contrast

to show the fashion atmosphere. The contrast between light and light or shade can make the match more stylish.

It’s like a skirt adopted

Burgundy print

The upper body can be contrasted with white and looks very fashionable and high-class. The contrast between light and dark can be felt

Visual comfort

, it will look more stylish.

At the same time, the contrast between light and dark can also highlight the waist line and show it better

Tall figure

, releasing a sense of fashion and premium.

●The leather surface of the design is cinched at the waist

If the design point is placed on the skirt, then the skirt needs to have a sense of design, so as to better show the fashion atmosphere. It’s like the red skirt itself

Print design

It is already very designed, and I don’t forget to use the leather style at the waist to cinch the waist, which can show the slenderness of the waist.

The shirt on the upper body is actually very designed,

The design of the stand-up collar

It reduces the formality of the shirt, and at the same time with the white lace sleeve design, it can show the sweetness and play a role

Age-reducing effects

, can also weaken the old-fashioned feeling of the red skirt.

Skirts don’t match well? That’s you didn’t find it right

Dressing tips

, follow the learning to wear a sense of fashion and high-end, but also in a variety of styles to change to better show the fashion atmosphere.

Demonstration of different skirts

●Colorful striped skirt

The colorful striped skirt is also a very design presence, and the skirt is adopted

Striped design

, using the contrast between mesh and color gloss, can show a good sense of fashion, looks trendy personality, and has a strong eye-catching effect. At the same time, the overall orderly arrangement looks very simple.

Wear it with the upper body

Floral shirt

, also uses color to create a floral effect, which echoes the skirt very well, and the overall look is also very good

Neat and orderly

The use of floral shirts and striped skirts can also create a stronger eye-catching effect and release a sense of luxury.

●Black mesh skirt

A black mesh skirt can be created


The beauty of the body, but also has a strong mature and stable atmosphere, and at the same time with a white suit, it can be more displayed

Mature women

of charm. With black sandals under the feet, it can also play a role in adjusting the height invisibly and better show the sense of height.

The suit is adopted at the waist pronounced

Scale-out design

, is also to invisibly enhance the waistline, better show the whole person’s sense of height, release a mature atmosphere. Match it inside

Light underwear

It can also invisibly enhance the vitality of the whole person and play a good age-reducing effect.

●Basic color printed skirt

Skirt adopted

Base color lines

The effect is geometric, very fashionable and advanced, and at the same time very artistic. The whole adopts a short front and long back design, which can show the sense of fashion well, and can also show the slender calf line, match

Silver-toned high heels

, more tall.

At the same time, it adopts a tail design and can also be enhanced

The overall aura

。 The upper body is selected

Solid black tight bottom

, with the shoulder pad design, so that the overall temperament is better displayed, more fashionable and high-end.

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