Coat + skirt = the most advanced eye-catching combination CP in winter

Winter has always been the world of all kinds of warm jackets, but how to wear the jacket warm and eye-catching, the choice of underwear has become the most concerned topic of today’s trendy people, wear the same basic pants? Combining with a jacket and skirt is the most effortless cool CP this winter, not only can you make your look sultry and handsome, but the skirt with light weight loss attributes can help you have both temperature and demeanor, thin and beautiful, and earn a return rate in minutes!

Tweed short coat + skirt

Style Chic

The genderless wind has made the “tweed short coat” once again one of the hottest coats in the fashion circle, and the thick and soft fabric not only keeps warm in winter, but also combines the extremely elegant and classical French style with the half-skirt group CP.

The ultra-short model can effectively distinguish the proportion of the body, and then create a high-waist + long-leg vision, and the quiet and subtle but neat shape design is extremely easy chic

As the ace CP with a burst of autumn and winter appearances, the woolen suit + skirt is not only the best choice for high appearance and atmosphere of 100 points, but also the relaxation and laziness can interpret the most stylish “long + short” in the matching routine to the extreme.

The rich styling layering power that surges out of the trend can be described as practical and fashionable, want to be more romantic and gentle, light and flowing pleated skirt + tweed suit to play and match, belt to assist slender and graceful posture, it is simply good to see the explosion.

If you and your sister are also based on commuter wear, tweed jackets and straight skirts, the smart and casual atmosphere can also help you create a particularly high-end classic winter style without effort.

The Morandi suit echoes the pile of socks, even the sneaker upper body is difficult to resist the natural elegance and vintage texture, it is simply amazing!

Tired of conventional wear, such as silhouette tweed jacket + miniskirt with cool and sexy combination CP, playing with the lower body missing while fully creating long legs fine vision——

After entering the winter, use leggings + boots to help, and when you have both demeanor and temperature, you can help you be handsome in minutes.

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Cropped double-sided tweed coat

Cropped double-sided cashmere-pressed pleated coat

Blazer tweed

Coat + skirt

There are thousands of warm coats, but the most practical temperament is the long coat, which is used with various skirt groups CP, elegant and demeanor, and the cool style can help you interpret the inadvertent beauty and charm.

Especially for winter when texture is particularly important, the double-sided tweed coat with luster and high-grade attributes and skirt combine to help you feel more languid and elegant with effortless lightness and thinness.

Or choose a more handsome leather coat mixed with a skirt, the inner and outer rigid shape is also full of tone, extremely elegant.

The classic black coat can not only support the aura but also achieve the coexistence of femininity, 1 piece can play 100 possibilities, especially with it and dresses + boots, dignified and subtle dressing charm minute by minute Slay the whole audience.

The silhouette hits the black coat, the basic model instantly transforms into a trendy style, and the skirt weakens the heaviness of the coat, which is more spontaneous to the bones while surging the lightness and casualness of the look.

If you want to look slim and tall, the combination of a short skirt and a long coat can instantly fully expose the skin of the legs.

In winter, it is natural to keep warmth first, use leggings + boots to help the whole, hold the demeanor and temperature while also interpreting the “external length and internal short” foreign atmosphere and goodness.

The appearance rate of autumn and winter tweed skirts is particularly high, and the versatile attributes of salt and sweetness and coat group CP are sometimes age-reducing and retro, and sometimes gentle and intellectual, which is also a well-deserved good wearing classic.

White boots combine the tall handsomeness of the boots with clean healing, with a long coat + skirt, the unconventional texture instantly makes the look more feminine.

As a must-have for a warm and beautiful temperament in winter, the earth-colored coat is always harmonious and compatible with the skirt, and the high heels are light and attractive and sexy, and the date or participation in various formal banquets can give people the first intoxication.

Double-sided classic tunic with a nipped-in waist

Left: Vintage tweed coat

Right: Double-sided coat with lapels

Lamb wool + skirt

After entering the winter, there is always a wool coat to help, among which the “lamb wool coat” with the highest demand in the hipster circle is still one of the most popular models in this season.

How can you make this kind of cold resistance first-class, but wear a bloated coat that looks thin and high-class, and is beautiful and more versatile? In many routines, using skirts to group CP is undoubtedly the right way to open.

The sweet and romantic skirt can not only weaken the usual swelling of the wool coat, but also achieve age-reducing leisure in both rigidity and softness, and the lazy girls are not mistaken,

If you want to look more elegant, use a long lamb wool coat to play with a skirt, and the casual and generous street photography style can make the aura and taste look better even if you wear it for daily commuting.

It is worth noting that for smaller girls, if you want to wear the golden ratio effortlessly and cool to the end, use a silhouette lamb fleece jacket + short skirt + thick leggings + boots to help, which is undoubtedly the warmest in winter.

Ink blue lamb wool coat

Fur integrated lamb wool coat

Age-reducing warm lamb wool coat

Down jacket + skirt

The down jacket that does not seem to match the trend has quietly transformed into a popular style after becoming popular with the popularity of the casual style, and needless to say, the warmth of the skirt can also rejuvenate the infinite winter vitality between rigidity and softness.

Use a loose underwear as a skirt, down jacket + shark pants to assist, create a rich style layer, the cool style can also make people’s eyes shine.

The elegance of the dress and the neutral handsomeness of the down jacket balance each other, preventing the overly sweet look and showing the tall and slender figure.

And the long down jacket is personable, and it can also be layered with a suit skirt to highlight the light maturity of the workplace, and the use of sweaters + skirts for daily dates to enhance the French laziness is also quite a warm universal CP.

Down jacket + checked skirt group CP, age-reducing retro atmosphere charm and eclectic dressing charm, both outstanding chic and affinity full score.

Long white goose down jacket with a sense of design

Left: Loose and windproof short down jacket

Right: Short pleated texture down jacket

Silk high-end down jacket

In the past two days, it has cooled down, so everyone pay attention not to catch a cold~

Well, let’s say this today, like it and go~

Style Chic

Style Chic

Style Chic

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