Li Yitong’s “Christmas” style dress is on fire, wearing a palace suit with a red pleated skirt, which is too sweet

There are often special festivals that allow everyone to show their fashionable and personal side.

From the point of view of dressing, it has a beautiful artistic conception, and at the same time has a good sense of atmosphere with the festival occasion, which can match the occasion and highlight the personal image temperament, and the charm is very strong.

Entering December, it is the end of the year, and with the arrival of Christmas Eve and Christmas, the festive atmosphere is also more intense, and this strong sense of atmosphere is not only reflected in the street decoration, but also reveals the festive atmosphere in everyone’s dress.

Especially at Christmas, everyone likes to match some atmospheric clothing items

, including Christmas red and pine green clothing items. These two colors are enough to illustrate the rich atmosphere of Christmas, and the artistic beauty shown in dressing will also be very heartwarming.

Christmas is indispensable for atmospheric dressing, learn the exclusive color matching of “red + green”

Very funky

, learn to wear a sense of atmosphere, show the beauty of artistic conception, the following several dressing demonstrations let’s take a look!

The stylish charm of atmospheric outfits

The “Christmas” chapter of atmospheric outfits

The way of dressing based on artistic conception and beauty can clarify the style to a large extent

At the same time, it meets the functional requirements that match the occasion, so that the image and temperament of the whole person looks more superior. For example, in large and small festivals, everyone will choose matching clothing to complete the outfit according to the particularity of the festival.

For example, at Christmas, everyone is more

It is suitable to choose some red and green clothing items to match, and at the same time combine some small elements such as elk and Santa Claus to design more beautiful

, in order to set off the role of the festive atmosphere, showing the fashion sense and artistic beauty of personal styling, is very heartwarming.

Among them, it is recommended that everyone

Choose a cream court suit to pair with a red pleated skirt

, white suit clothing, in the color characteristics can show the gentle side of the soft color tone, combined with the design sense of metal buttons, showing the charm of the court,

To increase the sense of sophistication to create a gorgeous side, to create a noble and high-end artistic conception outfit, very tasteful.

In the Christmas atmosphere sense of dressing, it is recommended that you use a color of red or green as the main color, because if the two colors exist under the action of a large-area design, the color contrast is relatively strong, but the eyes are not advanced, and the artistic conception is also lost.

So try one color as the dominant color, while the other color is embellished as a small accessory

, For example, red berets, red and green brooches and other Christmas charm accessories are very good to match and modify.

Recommended styling for artistic conception and beauty

Choose a black velvet pearl dress for a courtly look

Each style type of clothing item has a unique charm, so if you want to dress more attractively, you must first clarify what the exclusive style of each clothing item is. For example

A black velvet skirt with a high-grade delicate texture of velor fabric to add to the sense of luxury

At the same time, under the dull color effect of black, based on showing mature charm,

The so-called stripped-down black velvet skirt is designed with pearl elements at the neckline

, with white socks and black small leather shoes, it fully shows the small and delicate side, full of charm, even young girls do not look old when they wear it.

Choose a red bubble dress for a princess look

The small details in clothing styles often have a certain symbolic role and fashion beauty, take the puff sleeve element design, mainly to show the cute and playful side, more suitable for everyone to choose such clothing when creating an age-reducing outfit.

At the same time, choose a dark red palace puff sleeve dress to match, with the shrugging effect of the shoulder position combined with the fashion matching technique of puff sleeve elements, to show the exquisite design to enhance the image charm, showing the sweet and pure fan,

At the same time, combined with the fashion design with a low neckline, it is more attractive, and it looks like a Disney princess on the run, which is very attractive.

Choose a printed bandeau dress for a resort look

Skirt styles are very varied, but they can be generally classified from these two aspects

, that is solid color and non-pure color model. Solid color style is a type of temperament, in contrast, non-pure color printed skirt, the style is changeable, more eye-catching, suitable for seaside wind, beach style, resort style and elegant retro style of dressing demonstration.


A blue printed dress with a bandeau design is a good choice

, with black as the base color, blue print pattern as an embellishment to exquisite skirt style, from the pattern design and color presentation, further enhance the eye-catching of the skirt, matching is also very advanced, charming, in the beach to wear fashion blockbusters are also very suitable.

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